Facial skin care tips according to artificial intelligence: do they work?

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One of the most relevant technological trends of recent years is the artificial intelligences. AI engines are used for a myriad of industries, such as sports, chat rooms answering questions, or even dermatology.

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Many of these artificial intelligences are free and are available to all; By simply entering a website and logging in, you get access to a chat system that works underneath millions of parameters intelligent ones that provide information to obey the user’s request.

When asked about facial skin care, one of these systems gave a specific list of how to take care of the skin of the face to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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It is normal that in the coldest seasons of the year – autumn and winter – the humidity in the air decreases, which could cause more dryness or even flaking of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended keep it hydrated with a little cream or gel to keep it fresh and soft.

Moisturizing the skin with creams is one of the practices recommended by AI.

Moisturizing the skin with creams is one of the practices recommended by AI.

There are even reports, such as from Australian specialists, that mention new lotions designed to mimic the body’s hydration process. In this sense, artificial intelligence also recommends making a body hydrationin addition to dermatology.

Drinking the right amount of water a day is a fundamental factor in ensuring that the skin also remains hydrated and does not appear dry. A universally recommended number is to take eight glasses of water a dayapproximately.


The third best practice for AI is the exfoliationthat means, remove the remains of dead cells of the skin, thus facilitating the absorption of dermatological products and keeping the skin hydrated.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells.

It’s important at this point consult a specialist on the subject, as well as in the choice of which creams or lotions to use, since an excess of exfoliation or products you are allergic to could cause health problems.

Protection from sun rays

Using sunscreen will protect your skin from the problems caused by UV rays.

Using sunscreen will protect your skin from the problems caused by UV rays.

Finally, one of the recommended factors is to protect the skin from excess sunlight. UV rays from the sun can cause dermatological problemslike skin cancer or premature aging, so it matters use sunscreen.

AI recommends such products with a sun protection factor not less than 30 pointsalthough this will vary depending on how long the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Source: Clarin

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