To save his grandson, a retiree becomes a makeup influencer even though he had no idea

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What would you be able to do to save the life of a child or grandchild? In China, a 72-year-old retired man he was presented with this dilemma and didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to help.

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The man, whose name is Zhu Yunchang, has decided to become an influencer of makeup and beauty products on the social networks of the Asian giant. And his effort is exciting because it was not easy for him to make it.

To begin with, Yunchang I didn’t know about beauty products much less the management of social networks. But Yunchang thought it was the best way to get extra cash and quickly. His pension is insufficient.

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It’s just that his nephew, Xiao Jingyan, needs money, and lots of it. The 11 year old boy He has been suffering from a rare and cruel disease for six years: spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

The illness damages and kills motor neurons in the spinal cord and of the brain They control the movement of the arms, legs, face, chest, throat and tongue. Life expectancy can extend up to 20 and 30 years.

The man manages to earn enough money to help cure his nephew.

The man manages to earn enough money to help cure his nephew.

The boy was only five years old when he was diagnosed, and doctors estimated him at the time it would not survive beyond about 18 months. But it exceeded her expectations and has been battling her condition ever since, with the help of her family.

However, the battle was not an easy one. The only drug used to cure Xiao’s condition it can only be imported from the US and costs $100,000. An amount of money they didn’t have.

His family started collecting the money. They sold their house and borrowed all the money they could, but it still wasn’t enough.

And that’s when the boy’s grandfather decided to get involved. His pension was not enough, of course, so started looking for alternative ways to earn some money and stumbled upon beauty blogs.

The man manages to earn enough money to help cure his nephew.

The man manages to earn enough money to help cure his nephew.

The irrefutable fact that he had no idea of ​​this world did not discourage him. He started studying everything he could. She went to a cosmetics store and asked the staff to teach her about the products and how to apply them.

“First time I don’t understand the technical termsso I took notes,” Zhu told Chinese media.

She then reached out to a makeup manufacturer for free samples. However, when the company learned the man was 72, they rejected your application because “old men can’t sell make-up”.

But as you can see, there was nothing to deter Grampa from his mission. He invested everything he had to buy makeup and stuff and started broadcasting live to Douyin, as TikTok is called in China.

And it was a complete success. Zhu Yunchang’s popularity began to grow and quickly began to earn enough money to help his nephew.

“If my nephew can walk like a normal child, I will be relieved when I close my eyes“, hill.

Source: Clarin

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