Pension reform in France: first lady Brigitte Macron’s nephew beaten

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When President Emmanuel Macron was doing his interview on the French channel TF1 to try to reconcile with the French and announce that he would train pilots for Ukraine, the nephew of Brigitte, his wife and first lady, was attacked in Amiens, the northern French city where the Macron family comes from.

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Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, head of the family chocolate factory, he was beaten in Amiens by six men and two women. It is this Tuesday “under observation awaiting a scanner” in the city of him, reported the newspaper Le Figaro.

Eight people have been arrested on the night of Monday 15 May in Amiens for an assassination attempt on Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, great-granddaughter of Brigitte Macron and head of the Trogneux chocolate factory.

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The presidential couple, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.  Photo: FRANCK FIFE / AFP

The presidential couple, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. Photo: FRANCK FIFE / AFP

Era during an event against pension reform, a police source said.

“The detainees were still in custody on Tuesday morning,” he said. According to Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, the victim’s father, there are six men and two women.

In his opinion, her 30-year-old son was recognized and attacked by a group that participated a “casserole” in the city center of Amiens, after Emmanuel Macron’s interview on the 8pm news on TF1.

“I am afraid”

”The attackers they hit him in the head, arms and legsinsulting “the president, his wife and our family,” before fleeing when three neighbors intervened, he described to AFP.

Jean-Baptiste Trogneux was Tuesday morning “under observation awaiting a scan,” his father said. With this aggression “we have exceeded the limits. I am afraid“, commented.

He regretted that, despite the absence of “any financial link” between the Trogneux chocolate factory and the presidential couple, the establishments of this brand in Hauts-de-France they were regularly attacked within the framework of the demonstrations since the coming to power of the Head of State.

The Amiens prosecutor’s office did not respond to requests for comment.


Source: Clarin

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