The Office: The mystery behind Michael Scott’s brother

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Within the universe of TV seriessome productions have managed to remain in the collective memory for a long time. how I Met Your Mother (How I Met Your Mother), Seinfeld AND friends are some of the best known examples of sitcoms.

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To this list we can add a production that has just over 200 episodes: The office. Based on the 2001 BBC series created by the comedian Ricky Gervaisthe US version achieved great success during its time on the air, from the hand of NBC.

One of its protagonists is Michael Scottplayed by the famous Hollywood actor Steve Carell. Throughout the series, the viewer delves into the lives of the members of a office who sells paper and sees the evolution of characters through their interactions.

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In this case, Scott is the branch manager of dunder mifflin of the City of Scranton, by all workers known to the public: Dwight (RainWilson) Pam (Jenna Fisher) Jim (John Krasinsky) Ryan (BJ Novak) and Kevin, among others.

Michael’s comment about a brother

Michael Scott is one of the main protagonists of the series.

Michael Scott is one of the main protagonists of the series.

The NBC series is inspired by a version developed by the BBC in the UK, written by Gervais. Although the focus of American production has changed from that of the UK over the seasons, during the first season, especially during the pilot chapter– They were taken excerpts from the original screenplay introduce American characters.

During the first aired episode of The officethe writers replicated a joke made by Michael Scott’s British character, David Brent. The head of the office claims that he has a special place to keep his superior him’s notes: the bin. But then he claims it he learned that joke from his brotherwhich has the same tax system.

The protagonists of The Office in a promotional photo of the series.

The protagonists of The Office in a promotional photo of the series.

But as the episodes go by, it doesn’t appear no proof indicating that Michael has a brother. She mentions that Scott has one stepsister call Marnie Cooperlike his nephew begins an internship at Dunder Mifflin.

This could be explained by the fact that the creators they hadn’t fully developed the new characters and they copied some jokes and funny scenes from the British series. Likewise, they didn’t mention it.

Source: Clarin

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