At pineapples in Disney: the clumsy fight of two families for a place to take pictures that is all the rage on the net

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Everything went haywire at Disney World in broad daylight: Monday afternoon, two families clashed in the middle of the park and the ridiculous fight was captured in a viral video.

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In the pictures you can see how a group of people weave themselves into pineapples in front of the disbelief of the little ones. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, at least one of them received medical attention after the fight.

Police said the conflict arose after one family asked another to move from a place where people take pictures. They also wanted their postcard with the Disney 100 Years logo in the background.

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Only one person had to receive medical treatment.

Only one person had to receive medical treatment.

The most recent precedent for this style occurred in July of last year, when a fight involving at least 10 people broke out.

On that occasion the battle took place at the gates of Mickey’s PhilharMagic theater and left a balance of two arrested and the ban on entry to Disney parks for several of those involved.

None of those involved have brought the conflict to justice.

None of those involved have brought the conflict to justice.

More pineapples on vacation

In June last year, a video in which two are seen arguing on vacation also went viral.

They both grabbed pineapples in full view of everyone next to a huge pool. They didn’t care that there were kids or older folks bathing, they just held on like nothing happened while in leather and swim shorts.

The setting, the fighting ring, seems to be the common courtyard of a hotel. The reason that brought them to blows is unknown.

The wrestlers begin by measuring each other and, at a certain moment, one of the two gives the first blow. The catcher, it seems, isn’t even bothered, but when we see how the fight ends we can say that the right cross delivered by his opponent has resounded throughout his being.

The video was uploaded by the @JSantanaBack account and replicated on Twitter by many users. In that social network, fighters were cannon fodder.

“What would make two grown men fight in front of all those kids?” one person asked.

“Fortunately the guy in the black jersey intervened. Many people want to record and try to go viral instead of hanging up the phone and stopping the fight. I was always taught in high school that if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem,” said another.

And more!

There were also fights on boats that month. Although this one was much busier than the previous two.

A tour group’s 8-day vacation in the Caribbean ended on a high note: Within minutes of reaching shore, between 40 and 60 people clashed fists on the cruise ship’s dance floor..

The gigantic Carnival Magic was returning to New York and was near Verrazano-Narrows when confusion ensued.

The pitched battle would begin at about 2am on the fifth floor and last for about an hour. What started with two ended up with dozens. Imagine what a fight the pineapples started at the top of the ship and ended up on the first floor.

Source: Clarin

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