The strangest stadium in the world: its design is so strange and lacking that no one wants to use it

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There is a huge stadium with a capacity of 59 thousand people so strange and poor in its design that nobody wants to use it. And there it was, an immense (and horrible) mass that serves only as a sample of a crazy, as well as criminal, era: apartheid.

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Yes, in the land of unbearable vuvuzelas there is this incredible stadium. His name is Mmabatho and is located 300 kilometers from Johannesburgnear the South African border with Botswana,

Built in 1981, during the fierce apartheid period, Mmabatho Stadium is often mentioned as an example of impractical architectural design. With its raised stands that do not overlook the playing field, but other stands.

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The most uncomfortable stadium in the world.

The most uncomfortable stadium in the world.

The Mmabatho, located in the city of Mafikeng, is one of the most distinctive stadiums in the world. It was designed in the disappeared USSR and was built by an Israeli contractor.

THE weird seating arrangement It made it world-famous, but today it only serves as a kind of monument, since professional sporting events cannot be held in such an outdated and poorly managed venue.

According to professionals, the concept is unconventional and it goes against almost every basic principle of the design of the stadium, but they built it anyway.

The most uncomfortable stadium in the world.

The most uncomfortable stadium in the world.

Of course, its bad design could be verified almost immediately. It was not long after its opening that criticism began for its strangely elevated stands which did not offer the best view of the action on the pitch and required turn your head to the side to see the game that has been played.

Stadium it is the fifth largest stadium in the African nation. It used to be home to the Mmabatho Kicks of the now defunct Bophuthatswana Professional Football League, but once the Bantusan era ended (reincorporated into South Africa after the collapse of apartheid), the teams and events migrated elsewhere.

The unusual design and bad viewing experience they were the main reason Mmabatho was rejected during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, both for competitive matches and as a retirement as well.

He hardly sees the action these days. Nobody wants to use it. Perhaps an occasional charity match is organized from time to time and once there was a match on a neutral ground between South African football clubs. And criticism of its design was heard again.

However, there are those who see the stadium as a work of art and they even compare it to a tulip in bloom. Unfortunately the sharp angles, the unusual geometry and the fact that the stands are too far from the pitch make Mmabatho a poor stadium, at least as far as the fans are concerned.

His twin brother, nearly overthrown

the mmabatho has a “twin brother”. Even if in reality he is a few years younger. He is lesser known but could face a much worse fate.

This is the Odi stadium which is located in the city of Mabopane, about 245 kilometers east of the original stadium and although it is a few years younger, its disastrous design has made it it was completely abandoned decades ago.

The "twin" stadium was built a few years later.

The “twin” stadium was built a few years later.

In fact, it could start to crumble at any moment. It has been officially closed for safety reasons since 2005and to this day there is no strategy to revive him.

The local population living around the Mabopane facility (sometimes in the settlements) he is taking advantage of this. “Ask anyone around here and they will tell you that when people need roof boards, faucets and bricks, they buy, or rather steal, them from the stadium,” said local resident Siphati Chiloane.

Source: Clarin

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