The drink that fights memory loss and improves concentration when taken at breakfast

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THE natural fruit and vegetable juices They are ideal for adding vitamins and nutrients for physical and mental health. Moreover, among its many benefits there is one that helps protect the brain from cognitive decline and keep it active.

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Natural preparations are not just for enjoying delicious drink at breakfastthey can also offer numerous healthy benefits to your body thanks to the properties of the natural ingredients they are made with.

That’s why the option appears apple juice, carrots and walnuts It will help you improve your concentration and strengthen your memory.

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benefits of apple

An old saying goes, “Everyday apple, extraordinary health.” And beyond the exaggeration, we know of the benefits offered by this fruit native to Central Asia.

The green apple and its properties.

The green apple and its properties.

Below are some of its properties listing health sites and disclose Week:

  • Its bioactive compounds provide antioxidant compounds, such as carotenoids and flavonoids.
  • Large amounts of fiber. Between them, the pectinwhich prolongs the feeling of satiety.
  • Promotes heart health.
  • Rich in vitamin C, it also provides vitamin E, potassium and phosphorus.
  • Boron, a little known mineral, facilitates assimilation of calcium and magnesium.
  • Contains cellulose, hemicellulose, lignins and pectins, substances that increase the absorption of water in the intestine and help the formation and elimination of waste products.
  • Thanks to its prebiotics, it contributes to the health of the intestine and the immune system.

Carrot, the ideal vegetable for health

THE Vitamin A present in carrots has a powerful action antioxidant that strengthens the immune systemby enhancing the response against pathogenic organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, it disseminates the portal Your Saude.

The carrot is a vegetable with few calories but many vitamins.

The carrot is a vegetable with few calories but many vitamins.

Also contains falcarinol, a bioactive compound With immunomodulatory properties, preventing the development and multiplication of cancer cells in the body, it expands the portal to health.

Fighting free radicals, the beta-carotene present in the carrot they prevent the oxidation of fat cells, lowering the levels of cholesterol called “bad” or LDL in the blood, avoiding situations such as heart attacks and heart failure.

In this sense, it helps to control blood pressure, as it promotes the health of the arteries, facilitating blood circulation.

Its potassium also helps eliminate excess sodium in the body through urine, which helps balance blood pressure and avoids high blood pressure.

The portal Learn about live TV she also explains, “Carrots are also high in fiber which slows the absorption of sugars from food, helping balance insulin and blood glucose levels, preventing insulin resistance and diabetes.”

Properties of walnuts, the perfect dried fruit

THE Nuts They provide great benefits for your overall health. Researchers have analyzed its properties on the heart, the immune system and against various diseases, but little is said about it power to favor the mind.

Nuts, dried fruit beneficial to health.  Shutterstock photos.

Nuts, dried fruit beneficial to health. Shutterstock photos.

According to various studies, the regular intake of vitamin E and other antioxidant compounds from plant foods, such as nuts, help significantly reduce the risk of mental health problems, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This is because they fight oxidative stress that affects brain cells and tissue.

How to prepare apple, carrot and walnut juice


  • 1 apple
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
  • 1/2 glass of water
The properties of carrot, apple and walnut juice.

The properties of carrot, apple and walnut juice.


  • Cut the apple in half and remove the core.
  • Peel the carrots and cut them into small pieces.
  • Blend the carrots with the apple, water and walnuts.
  • When you get a smoothie, serve in a glass and enjoy

Of course you can also use an extractor to extract the juice from the carrots and then use this liquid to blend the rest of the ingredient.

It is worth noting that they do not recommend filtering the final result to make the most of the fiber benefits offered by the preparation.

Source: Clarin

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