Xiaomi launches ‘Redmi Buzz 4 Pro’… Blocks 99% of noise with 3 types of no-cans

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Xiaomi announced on the 23rd that it will release ‘Redmi Buzz 4 Pro’ and ‘Redmi Buzz 4 Lite’ in Korea on the 24th.

Redmi Buzz 4 Pro and Redmi Buzz 4 Lite are priced at 99,800 won and 28,800 won, respectively. For a week from the 24th to the 30th, it can be purchased at a discounted price of 89,800 won and 26,800 won. Both products can be purchased through various online channels such as Xiaomi Naver Brand Store, 11th Street, Gmarket, and Auction, as well as offline stores such as Xiaomi Light Store and Homeplus Gangseo.

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Redmi Buzz 4 Lite is equipped with a large 12mm driver to provide the best sound quality with the lowest distortion. It supports Google’s ‘Fast Pair’, so pairing is completed quickly and automatically just by opening the charging case cover. With the Bluetooth 5.3 function, a more stable and faster connection is possible, and a low-latency mode is provided to provide the best gaming experience when playing mobile games.

The artificial intelligence (AI) voice algorithm distinguishes the user’s voice from ambient noise and provides clear call quality in various environments. Play and stop music, play the next song, unsubscribe and end calls, and activate low-latency mode are all within easy reach with easy-to-use touch controls.

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Redmi Buzz 4 Lite can be used for up to 5 hours on a single charge and up to 20 hours when used with the charging case. IP54 waterproof function protects the product from sweat and water, making it suitable for outdoor activities. Redmi Buzz 4 Pro is equipped with dual dynamic drivers. It provides Hi-Fi (Hi-Fi) sound quality and delivers rich both treble and bass. It is the first among the Redmi wireless earphone series to receive ‘Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification’, and supports LDAC audio codec technology to provide high-resolution sound source (96kHz/24bit) and transmission speed of up to 990kbps.

Redmi Buzz 4 Pro features three excellent noise canceling features. It blocks 99.3% of external noise up to 43dB. ‘Light Noise Canceling’ suitable for relatively quiet environments such as offices and libraries, ‘Balanced Noise Canceling’ for most outdoor environments such as cafes and parks, and ‘Deep Noise Canceling’ required for places with a lot of outside noise such as subways or airports. can be used according to

Each earbud has a built-in metal windshield, and wind noise reduction technology is also applied to effectively reduce wind noise during exercise. When the wind speed exceeds a certain speed, the function is automatically activated. A dual transparency mode was also applied to allow ambient sounds to be heard when needed. In addition to the ‘general transparency mode’, a ‘voice enhancement mode’ that can increase the voice around you when having a direct conversation is also supported.

Redmi Buzz 4 Pro implements more immersive sound through the HRTF sound algorithm. When making a call, three built-in noise canceling microphones filter out external noise and at the same time capture the user’s voice clearly.

It can be used for up to 9 hours with a single charge and up to 36 hours when used with the charging case, and provides IP54-rated water resistance. When linked with the ‘Xiaomi Earbuds’ app, you can easily find earphones and adjust various settings.

Source: Donga

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