Russia-Ukraine War: Putin’s forces evacuate nine border towns in an alleged raid by saboteurs

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Russia evacuated nine villages in the Belgorod regionon the border with Ukraine, and the counter-terrorism operation in that province continues after the incursion of saboteurs, Governor Viacheslav Gladkov said on Tuesday.

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“Inhabitants of Graivoron, Novostroyevka, Gorkovsk, Bezimeno, Mókraya Orlovka, Glótovo, Gorá Podol, Zamostie, Spodaryúscheno they were resettled”he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Gladkov also said that the counter-terrorism operation declared on Monday after the saboteurs’ attack in Graivoron continues in the region, attributed by Russia to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The cleaning operations of the area continue“, indicated the governor, who said that the Russian province was attacked more than forty times with drones, artillery and mortar shelling in several cities of Belgorod between Monday and Tuesday morning.

As a result of Tuesday’s attacks, there are 12 civilians injured and 29 private homes damaged, said Gladkov, who also said there was currently no electricity in 14 cities.

An emergency center was bombed in Dnipro.  Photo: AFP

An emergency center was bombed in Dnipro. Photo: AFP

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under six articles of the Criminal Code over Monday’s attack by saboteurs, including charges of terrorism and murder.

in the attack at least ten people were injuredwhile an elderly woman died during the clearing of the area.

A representative of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine assured that they are behind these attacks two groups of Russian volunteers fighting against the Kremlin: the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom Legion for Russia.

On Monday, the Russian Volunteer Corps posted a video on its Telegram channel along with the phrase: “The news from the Belgorod camps is immediate!”

In turn, the Freedom for Russia Legion stated in the same application that “the Freedom for Russia Legion began storming Graivoron, Belgorod region,” where the raid took place.

“Russia will be free!” wrote the group, which claims on its channel that it is “fighting against the dictatorial regime in Russia”.

Source: Clarin

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