An Argentinian listed the cons of living in Australia: ‘What influencers say is a lie’

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An Argentinian living in Australia made a couple of TikTok videos where she drops a change to influencers who say living in that country is completely beneficial.

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Of course: at the beginning of the first clip, @argentaporelmundo he underlines the advantages of being a resident there: he says it is a safe country, that it has a stable economy, that one can save money. So far so good but then continue with the cons.

What influencers who live in Sydney and work 4 or 5 hours a day and are millionaires say is a lie”, launches the native of Lanús, province of Buenos Aires.

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The young woman has denied the influencers who say that in Australia everything is rosy.  Photo: TikTok

The young woman has denied the influencers who say that in Australia everything is rosy. Photo: TikTok

For her, he goes to Australia “for work”. She says Australians “work a lot” and that it’s “super normal” for them to work 12-hour days.

The tiktoker assures that working “4 or 5 hours” in a big city makes saving impossible because it is very difficult to maintain the high cost of living in the country. “In the countryside you are more likely to save a little more because you have nowhere to spend the money. There with 12 hours you will be fine,” she says.

On young Argentines living in Australia working long hours and presenting it as something easy or nice, he says: “Very fresh influencers say they work 12, 14 or 16 hours a day, but don’t think it’s something minor because over time the body starts to make itself felt”.

“I don’t recommend living in these cities for long if your goal is to save money,” she continues.

A field in New South Wales.

A field in New South Wales.

In another video, @argentaporelmundo says the country is currently suffering from a severe housing crisis. It is very difficult to get a long-term contract and the rent “generally” is given to whoever puts the most money.

Another of his criticisms has to do with the fact that all is not rosy when it comes to security. There are also unsafe cities there, like Darwin or Townsville.

At the end of the first clip, the “lanusense” recommends: “Many times they will feel frustrated, it will take time to find a job even if the influencers tell them they got it in a short time. The luck factor is important.

Living in Australia: the dream of many Argentines

In recent years, the number of Argentines who have chosen to try their luck in Australia to improve their quality of life has grown considerably.

The oceanic country offers different types of visas that allow you to study and work, as well as the possibility of applying for special scholarships, which makes it an ideal destination for many young people.

The State of New South Wales (NSW) was recently launched. Destination Australia, a scholarship of up to A$15,000 to study in Newcastle and Wollongong. The money, in this case, is used to support the high cost of living and to pay for studies in degree, master and post-graduate courses.

The scholarship requirement must be accepted at one of the universities in the cities of Newcastle and Wollongong which according to Melly Ariasdirector of trade and investment for the state of New South Wales (NSW), “they are among the best in the world and, unlike Sydney, have the advantage of a much lower cost of living”.

Source: Clarin

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