Who was “El Trébol”, the Mexican narco killed in the attack on the rally drivers

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The massacre of a group of amateur rally drivers in Mexico last weekend had one main objective: Alonso Arambula Pinaa drug lord known as “The Trefoil”. He was one of ten dead left in an attack by a group of hooded men with long guns in the small town of Ensenada on the northern border with the United States.

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The prosecutor of Baja California, Ricardo Carpio, revealed it in the last few hours: “The direct target of this aggression is the one who manned the vehicle marked with the number 15 and that it had the stamp of a shamrock”.

In that same blue and green Razer vehicle was a local municipality official, identified as José Eduardo Orozco Pina and that he too is dead. He was a delegate in San Antonio de las Minas, in the port wine sector. His body was riddled in the back seat, on the driver’s side. They investigate the relationship with the drug trafficker.

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The prosecutor explained that Arambula Piña, 35, I had ties to the Sinaloa Cartelled by the sons of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán – imprisoned in the United States – and that this attack would be the result of disputes with the Tijuana Cartel, also known as cartel of Arellano Félix. They believe that, in the past, he was associated with this group.

“They are criminal groups that have a presence and roots in other municipalities. We believe the fight stems from rivalries and other criminal activity of a similar nature in the municipality of Tijuana and the state of Sinaloa with some limits from other states in the northwest region of the country related to drug trafficking,” he said.

To Alonso Arámbula Piña, who had other nicknames such as “The Sonrics” AND “El Longo”They called him “El Trébol” because of the stamp on the vehicle with which he participated in the rally. Furthermore, that alias would belong to whoever was his boss within the criminal gang.

the attackers they tracked him for a couple of days and they knew of his presence in Ensenada and at the sporting event, so it was a planned bombing, said Attorney Carpio.

The massacre took place on Saturday afternoon, while the fifth edition of the so-called was taking place “Hacking”an all-terrain vehicle racing event, hooded and heavily armed men attacked people attending the event with bullets.

In total, ten people died. Many of them were involved in illegal activities, especially drug trafficking. other nine people were injuredincluding a 13-year-old boy who was still hospitalized in serious condition.

The events took place at kilometer 90 of the Transpeninsular highway, near the municipality of San Vicente. The group of attackers arrived in an Infinity van, which they left with bloodstains inside and bullet holes in its body. that vehicle “had a theft report” in the US from April 19.

The moment of the bombing in Ensenada.

The moment of the bombing in Ensenada.

In the attack they used at least 13 weapons, nine of them high-powered. They managed to identify them through the more than 200 shell casings that were found at the crime scene. However, none could be located.

The videos posted on social media showed the bodies of some victims next to the SUVs on a dusty sidewalk.

Some of the injured received emergency care from local Red Cross paramedics, who later transferred them to hospitals in the inner city of Ensenada, a city of about 440,000 residents.

They create a special group for drug violence

About 500 agents of the Mexican army and the National Guard in Tijuana are part of an operation that began this Monday in Tijuana to strengthen security in this border city and other municipalities in the region, considering that this city is the most violent in the state .

Roberto Quijano Sosa, president of the Citizen Council of the State of Baja California, declared that “faced with the unstoppable violence we are experiencing, it is time to accept that the security strategy is not working” and asked the authorities to give results on the violence prevalent in the state.

“Living in fear of being the next victim is not an option. We ask our authorities for real and effective coordination beyond discourse to deliver the results we need; we ask for a real decrease in the incidence of crime and zero impunity for the recorded violent acts he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Julián Palombo Saucedo, president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Tijuana (Canaco Servytur), stressed that this violence not only puts citizens “on red alert”, but also the more than 60,000 businesses represented by said camera .

“Unfortunately, we have already experienced this story in previous years. Unfortunately, every time their level (of violence) increases, we run a high risk of repeating the exodus of businessmen,” he said.

The leader also said that “businessmen are worried that Tijuana and Baja California will stop being attractive for foreign investment” for which he asked the authorities “for real coordination between the municipal, state and federal governments to restore peace”.

In recent months, attacks in public leisure places have multiplied, such as the shooting that took place on the 15th of this month during a football match organized by families in a park in a residential area in the state of Hidalgo, in central Mexico, and which left six dead.

On April 15, gunmen stormed a water park filled with families, killing seven people, including a minor.

Mexico has been caught up in a spiral of violence that has left nearly 400,000 dead and tens of thousands missing since 2006, when the government of Felipe Calderón launched an anti-drug offensive with US support and the participation of the Mexican military.


Source: Clarin

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