They threw a 4-year-old boy over a 10-meter border wall to get from Mexico to the United States

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A four year old boy was thrown over the border wall of San Diego which divides Mexico with the United States, to avoid entry control into that country. The emergency team intervened in the case and ascertained that the boy is in “good condition”.

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The wall has almost 10 meters high. The minor is in good health, although images from security cameras have alerted US authorities that they arrested two people whose nationalities have not yet been revealed.

“Surprisingly, the baby is fine“, reported through Chirpingthe head of the border police, Raúl Ortiz, who attached the video released hours ago to the publication.

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The night images of the event are impressive. And they were caught on a surveillance camera from the United States Customs and Border Protection Bureau.

The video is in black and white and shows the child and an adult being helped by another adult to cross the wall between Tijuana and San Diego.

The exact height of the wall is 9.1 meters high. According to Ortiz, “officers heard gunshots while tending to the child on the American side of the wall.”

The border wall between Tijuana and San Diego where a four-year-old boy was thrown to avoid border controls.

The border wall between Tijuana and San Diego where a four-year-old boy was thrown to avoid border controls.

The child came with two adults, who are at the moment in the custody of the border policeconfirmed agency spokesman Michael Scappechio.

It was not disclosed whether the people late were the parents of the child. It is also unclear whether they will be released in the United States to support immigration court proceedings or deported.

“Attempts to climb over the wall happen daily, but they are less common with children this youngScappecchio said.

Revocation of “Title 42”

After more than 10 days, the provision called “Title 42” was revoked; a border restriction that allowed the United States to immediately repatriate people who were undocumented for health reasons; The border city of Tijuana was and is one of the places that continues to host the largest number of migrants.

Activists and religious organizations denounced it an increase of up to 500% of people taken in due, in part, to the fact that they have been deterred from jumping the wall now that Title 8 is back in effect.

What is Title 8? It is the law that was applied before 1942 and which indicates that illegal immigrants will be expelled and a ban on entering the United States will weigh on them for the next five years.

Also, they could face criminal prosecution if they try again during that time.

With information from EFE

Source: Clarin

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