Video: A bus driver marked the places where the most mobile phones are stolen

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Nicolás is a bus driver who works on the 501 Monte Grande line. In recent days it has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a sort of tutorial that he recorded on his unit. There he explains which are the “most dangerous” places that thieves take advantage of to steal cell phones.

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“When you travel by bus, remember not to use your cell phone when you’re sitting here because they steal from you,” she says in the 21-second video. And mark the areas next to the doors as the most exposed areas.

The TikTok video has amassed over 5 million views, nearly 370,000 likes, and over 3,200 user comments. “I use my cell phone and when I know there’s a stop, I put it away,” said one user. “In summary, don’t use your cell phone on the street or in the bondi,” said another, plainly.

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The danger of using a cell phone on the bus.

The danger of using a cell phone on the bus.

“I don’t vent it anywhere and always in silence, but on the street they gave me a dragged flower and didn’t take it away”, another young woman said.

The death of a driver

In April, the driver Daniel Barrientos of the 620 line was assassinated in La Matanza. The crime took place in the early hours of the morning, when the function began.

A group of criminals entered the unit and started a shootout with a municipal police officer who was already there. Following the confrontation, a bullet hit Barrientos in the chest. A weapon with a seizure order issued by a police station in El Palomar was found at the scene of the event.

Source: Clarin

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