United States: Republican Ron DeSantis has presented his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election

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Republican Ron DeSantis pformally presented his candidacy this Wednesday in the 2024 US presidential election.

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The governor of Florida formalized the candidacy in a document delivered to the federal electoral commission, a few hours before the launch of his campaign in a meeting with Elon Musk broadcast on Twitter.

The Governor of Florida He is the sixth candidate to contest the Republican primary, following former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), the first to formalize his aspiration, and former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

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In addition to them, they announced that former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy and African-American Senator Tim Scott will participate in the primary trial.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida challenging Trump.  AP Photo

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida challenging Trump. AP Photo

with Moss

“It’s the first time we’ve experienced something like this on a social network”Musk said of the format chosen by DeSantis.

The tech mogul promised “unprepared questions and answers in real time,” but dismissed the conversation as a show of support for the Florida governor.

DeSantis is shaping up to be Trump’s biggest rival, 76, for the Republican inauguration. The winner of that primary will face the Democratic Party’s pick candidate in November 2024, most likely President Joe Biden.

In 2018, DeSantis, a nearly unknown congressman, he won the gubernatorial election in a surprising way after having Trump’s decisive support from the White House.

He has since become a rising star on the right in the United States with very conservative policies on issues such as education, abortion or immigration.

Initiatives that have given him widespread media coverage and a triumphant reelection in November 2022. But the battle for the Republican settlement will reveal whether his new status in the party will be enough to prevail over Trump.

Numerous polls give the former president a large lead against the governor, even if those results should be taken with caution given that the primaries are still months away.

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.  photo by AFP

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. photo by AFP

ahead of trump

The main difference between the two candidates lies above all in their attitudes.

For many, DeSantis, the son of a working-class family, a war veteran and a graduate of Harvard and Yale, has a severe charisma deficit facing the exuberant real estate tycoon.

“Announcing his candidacy on Twitter is perfect for DeSantis. So you don’t have to interact with anyone.”joked one of Trump’s advisers in a conversation with AFP.

Hostilities between them began long before DeSantis entered the ring.

Trump has spent weeks multiplying the criticisms of his rival on his social networks and at his rallies, while DeSantis has counterattacked in his most subtle way, recalling what hurts the former president the most: his defeat in the last presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden.

“DeSantis is in desperate need of a personality implant,” Trump taunted Wednesday morning.

A fierce fight awaits the Governor of Florida against the New York billionaire, a man immune to scandal, whose legal woes seem to further mobilize his many followers.

In his campaign, DeSantis will be able to count on generous donations —$110 million to date-– with which he hopes to shorten the distance and flood the country with advertising.

In a recent video from the governor’s political action committee, a man puts a “DeSantis for President” sticker on the body of a car, over one that reads “Trump 2016.”

The commercial summarizes the message that the governor wants to convey to voters: in front of the 76-year-old tycoon, DeSantis wants to embody the new guard of the Republican Party.

Source: Clarin

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