’16 minutes and 55 seconds’ cut… The story of a man who turned a ferris wheel with his bare hands

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The world’s strongest man turned a ferris wheel with just two hands. It took only 16 minutes and 55 seconds to turn it once.

According to Guinness World Records on the 17th (local time), Troy Conley Magnuson (39), who is called the world’s strongest man and ‘Australia’s Dictator’, took on the challenge to build the world’s fastest ferris wheel. He was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as ‘The Man Who Turned’.

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Magnuson’s challenge this time is said to be in memory of Jack, an 11-year-old boy who passed away from eye cancer last year.

He said in an interview with the media immediately after achieving the world record, “I dedicate this record to the boy who was with me. Jack was the strongest man I ever met, and he was also my hero.”

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In addition, through this challenge, Magnuson raised more than A$15,500 (approximately 13.4 million won) to help Australia’s non-profit ‘Little Wings’, which helps transport critically ill patients for free.

In order to challenge this record, it is necessary to have more than 24 cabins weighing more than 700 kg and a Ferris wheel with a total structure weight of more than 45,000 kg.

For the challenge, the amusement park side turned off the ferris wheel and stopped the brake hydraulic system. In other words, the challenger has to turn the wheel axle of the ferris wheel entirely with his or her own strength.

He has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records three times through numerous challenges, but this challenge is said to have been particularly difficult.

Magnuson said, “It was the most physically and mentally toughest challenge I’ve ever taken on,” and said, “It was a job that no one else had challenged, so I had to devote 100% of my body and mind.”

According to Guinness, Magnuson is the first person to challenge the record of ‘world’s fastest ferris wheel’.

Source: Donga

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