The amazing case of the man who worked at the same company for over 80 years

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The amazing case of the man who worked at the same company for over 80 years

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Walter has worked at the same company for 84 years.

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A man in Brazil He has worked at the same company for 84 years and he has no plan or desire to change that. This is an exceptional case that has been registered in Guinness Book of Records.

Walter Orthmann, we talked about him, He is 100 years old and even more than three decades ago, he still goes to the offices every day to do his job.

In this way, Walter became the longest employee in the world.

Walter started working for Industrias Renaux SA, a textile company in Brusque, Santa Catherine, on January 17, 1938 when he was only 15 years old.

Walter has worked at the same company for 84 years.

Walter has worked at the same company for 84 years.

He started as an assistant in the shipping department, but over the years he was promoted to administrative assistant and later promoted to Sales manager.

In his very long career, Walter has made sales trips around the world, receiving his salary in nine different currency denominations and used by almost all commercial airlines in the history of Brazilian aviation.

you have to love to work. I started working with the disposition and fighting spirit. You can’t do any work to say you’re working. That doesn’t work. You can’t get it, ”the man told the agency. Reuters.

Recalling his beginnings at Industrias Renaux SA (now RenauxView), Orthmann said that there are no computers in the companythe phones were not used and the texts had to be typed on a typewriter and sent by mail.

There’s also no public lighting, ”the roads are just dirt, muddy when it rains. no running water and each house has its own well, “he added.

Despite his experience, Walter acknowledges that “everything is easier now. All you need is a cell phone and an internet connection, and can coordinate a business from anywhere in the world. You don’t travel like you used to. “

Walter is in good health, which he says is due Take care of your diet and stretch your muscles every day: “I avoid salt, sugar and things that damage your gut. I avoid Coca-Cola and other softdrinks. I only eat things that are good for you. That really helps your body be strong forever . “

Finally, the great worker left some advice for all those who dream of staying active and working until the candles don’t burn out. “Don’t get angry, make everyone laugh. Just do what you want to do, “he told Globo; and closed:” I’m sorry. Live calmly. Life is just a path here on Earth, have fun, do what you want ”.

And we need to pay attention, without a doubt.

Source: El Confidencial and Globo

Source: Clarin

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