Which US cities offer the most telecommuting?

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The event of pandemic It was a before and after in the workplace. generated a new way of working having to adapt to another reality. Remote working has become habitual and daily in our lives, as have job offers.

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The ability to work from home is not only in line with comfort, but also with the expansion of vacancies, as it is easier work in foreign companies e earn in dollars. With a computer and the Internet, these job opportunities are close at hand.

With the last 2020 US census, it was confirmed that there was a increase of almost the triple of the number of people who make remote work. It went from 5.7% of the population to 17.9%. in the district of colombia almost half some people do telework.

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In that district, the percentage of people doing home office stands at 48.3%, followed by Washington with 24.2%, Maryland with 24%, Colorado and Massachusetts with 23.7%. Despite the fact that several companies have resumed face-to-face work, they are there lots of business form of work at a distance.

The most recommended US cities

According to a analysis performed by two US rental companies Rent and Zumperit has been determined what are the districts where else it is convenient to work remote form.

The first company took as data the mean values ​​of rentalsaccess to Internet and the speed. Finally, he also took into consideration the places of coworking and the amount of population there is with remote work. As a result, they got top 10 cities for telecommuting.

Coworking, a place where people can go to work.  Photo: Fernando the Order

Coworking, a place where people can go to work. Photo: Fernando the Order
  1. Orlando,Florida)
  2. Austin, Texas)
  3. North Charleston (South Carolina)
  4. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  5. Colon (Georgia)
  6. Atlanta, Georgia)
  7. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  8. Houston, Texas)
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina
  10. Appleton (Wis.).

Instead the second company used other parameters to determine the best cities: the rental prices in the short term, the Cost of living, distance from airportsplaces of fun or restaurants, transport and finally Internet free. The result was the following:

  1. Columbus, Ohio
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Kansas City (Missouri)
  4. Houston, Texas)
  5. St. Louis (Missouri)
  6. Chicago (ill.)
  7. Cincinnati (Ohio)
  8. San Antonio (Texas)
  9. Detroit (Michigan)
  10. Denver, Colo.).

Source: Clarin

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