Alert in London: a car has crashed into the gate of the official residence of the British prime minister

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a car crashed this Thursday vs Gated entrance to Downing Streett, where the residence and office of the British prime minister are located, according to British media reports.

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According to a statement from the London Metropolitan Police (Met), the vehicle collided at around 4.20pm local time into the Downing Street gate, without causing injury.

The public channel of the BBC said so one person was arrested by the Police after the accident, which it is not known whether it was intentional and did not cause injuries or victims according to initial assessments.

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“At about 4.20pm, a car crashed into the gates of Downing Street in Whitehall. Armed police officers arrested a man at the scene, suspected of criminal damage and dangerous driving“, police said in a statement.

“No injuries have been reported. An investigation is underway to determine what happened,” London police added.

The television showed a photo of the suspect handcuffed and escorted by police officers. He is an apparently middle-aged white man wearing a light-colored T-shirt.

Police were analyzing the car for clues to the accident.  Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP.

Police were analyzing the car for clues to the crash. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP.

Television images taken at the scene showed a white vehicle, with its trunk and doors open, against the bars.

These barriers blocking access to the famous Downing Street were installed in 1989 for safety reasons. Before that, the public could approach the famous black door of the British Prime Minister’s official residence.

The BBC broadcast images of the vehicle, a white car, as it crosses the road towards Downing Street traveling at low speed, which is further reduced before hitting the gate of the residence.

Onlookers crowded the scene after the crash.  Photo: EFE/Tolga Akmen.

Onlookers crowded the scene after the crash. Photo: EFE/Tolga Akmen.

Police cordoned off the Whitehall area, the main road which runs alongside the Downing Street government residence, as police officers with bloodhounds pounded the driveway.

Dozens of onlookers crowd behind the police cordon that has been set up around Downing Street, even though the atmosphere is generally calm and the security situation appears to be under control.

The incident occurred at a time of intense movement of people in the area, mainly officials who had finished their working day.

Source: Clarin

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