Guam airport closed due to typhoon… Korean tourist crying, “My father ran out of blood pressure medicine”

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The second typhoon ‘Mawar’ hit Guam. reader provided

“I feel like my blood is drying up because I can’t get my father’s blood pressure medicine.”

Mr. Domo (34), who visited the Pacific resort island of Guam with his parents and was stranded because of the super typhoon ‘Mawar’, said in a text message exchanged with the Dong-A Ilbo on the 26th, “The diplomatic authorities’ speedy response to those suffering from chronic diseases, such as the elderly, Action is needed,” he appealed. He said that he is currently isolated with water and electricity cut off. He also said, “The consulate was also damaged by the typhoon, so there is no contact at all.”

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● A honeymoon that became a nightmare “out of drinking water”

Mawar, which hit Guam on the 23rd and 24th (local time), was a ‘super typhoon’ accompanied by strong winds of up to 225 km/h, and it rained 50 mm per hour, flooding many hotels and restaurants, including the runway of Guam International Airport. Electricity poles were knocked down by strong winds and power lines were cut, causing power outages in a wide area, and water supply and sewage facilities also stopped working and cut off water in many areas.

Even after the typhoon has receded, the international airport operation continues to be suspended, so about 3,200 Korean tourists who went on vacation ahead of Buddha’s Birthday are isolated in the local area and are unable to even take care of basic food and clothing.

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Mr. Lee (37), who came on a prenatal trip with his wife, who was 7 months pregnant, said, “As the stay is getting longer, my wife complains of headaches and has symptoms of a lump in her stomach.” I am barely making ends meet with instant food.” One tourist said, “The accommodation is submerged in water and there is no air conditioning. Right now, I’m staying in a rental car,” he said.

The honeymoon turned into a nightmare. Son Yoo-kyung (30) came to Guam on her honeymoon after her marriage on the 20th of this month, and now her drinking water has almost run out, she said. Mr. Son said, “I have no place to sleep right now because the hotel can’t extend my stay anymore,” and “I’m so afraid of tomorrow coming.”

Local tourists are communicating with the Internet community through KakaoTalk open chat rooms, and they are looking for someone to share a room with, or posting messages such as ‘I am homeless, please help me to take a shower.’

● The airport will be reopened on the 30th at the earliest

As the isolation lengthens, the increased cost of stay is also a burden. A 29-year-old tourist named Kim said, “People flocked to every supermarket and ran out of food. There is a restaurant in the hotel, but if you eat with your family, it costs at least 40 dollars (about 53,000 won). Even if you eat only one meal a day, the burden is heavy.” However, there are not a few tourists who go looking for ATMs to withdraw cash because credit card payments are not accepted at supermarkets and convenience stores that have opened.

Residents are also suffering. A 58-year-old Korean surnamed Kim said, “I almost ran out of mineral water, but there is no tap water. I can’t wash my body and I don’t have enough water to drink.”

Guam International Airport is expected to reopen on the 30th at the earliest. An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 26th, “The head of the Guam Airport Authority said in a meeting the previous day (25th) that we are working with the goal of reopening the airport on the 30th.” We are delivering emergency medicine to those in need, and we are discussing ways to utilize volunteers.”

Some travel agencies have set up support measures for travelers stranded in Guam. An official from Hana Tour said, “There is no obligation to compensate in case of a natural disaster, but we plan to provide accommodation subsidy of about 100,000 won per night.” Interpark also announced that it would provide full hotel accommodation expenses for 70 package customers.

Source: Donga

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