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Donald Trump, stainless, exempt from expenses for the web of causes against him, consolidates with a large advantage in the Republican internal elections. His candidacy, if confirmed, would be a Good news for President Joe Biden who is confident that if he faces the populist tycoon again, he will defeat him as he did in 2020.

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It assumes, with some accuracy, that he will again be able to benefit from the medieval political and moral profile of the former president to absorb the votes of those who reject him, including those who consider the re-election of the Democratic leader calamitous but a lesser evil. Furthermore, he takes advantage of the roughly similar age between the two so that the question of age and old age does not become a battering ram against him in the campaign.

A problem that would be very hard if the Republican governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, 44 years old and with his children in the primaries, managed to confront Biden. Today it seems difficult. The differences in favor of Trump hover around 50%.

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The verification of this advantage by a leader who has embraced falsehood as a political resource, who has isolated his country, managed with mediocrity and confusion, especially with the pandemic and government spending has skyrocketedgrave sin in republican manuals, eloquently explains the setbacks of the present of US power.

Barack Obama, the former president who governed with Joe Biden as vice president.  photo by AFP

Barack Obama, the former president who governed with Joe Biden as vice president. photo by AFP

Neither of them, and neither is De Santis leader with strategic vision. An evil of contemporary politics that stagnates politicians in the pure conjuncture. Footnote example of these deviations: Biden’s follow-up to Trump’s policies to dangerously block China instead of bridges of coexistence.

In geopolitics the destruction of the adversary should not enter into any analysis. He alt rightthe ideological tendency, to call it that, embraced by far-right national populism, Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, Jair Bolsonaro, Trump and his legion of imitators, assumes that everything alternative is insidious and must be disowned and amputated.

One extreme is De Santis endorse the censorship of books at levels never seen in his state, including mathematics because they do not allude, in any way, to issues of sex. But also against texts that review the racism that permeates American history. Obscurantisms that had disappeared in the country with a democratic breath.

contaminated context

This contaminated context It helps to understand the explosive character that the dispute over the increase in the debt ceiling that allows the White House to settle its accounts has taken on. The all-or-nothing idea has raised the possibility of the country defaulting on June 1 to realistic levels due to Republican objections to a deal that doesn’t include the surrender of the White House.

The procedure by which the legislature gives the green light to the executive has generally been little bureaucratic with at least 79 successful year-over-year chapters, many under Republican governments.

But it was complicated by the emergency of extremist wings As the tea party among the Republicans, an ultra-religious minority force critical of the federal government to which it obsessively attributes the loss of global centrality of power. That vision was then channeled into Trumpist populism with the idea of ​​recovering the powerful USA of the last century. Make America great again.

The current crisis has a precedent of similar severity in 2011, when these relentless groups sought strangle the first government of Barack Obama who were even denied US citizenship.

The litigation raged to such an extent that rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US credit hierarchy while the Stock Exchange dropped to double digits in just one day before bankruptcy is imminent.

At the time, the US debt was $14.4 trillion, fueled in particular by the 2008 national and global crisis that erupted during the last period of the Republican government of George W. Bush. Today it exceeds 31 trillion dollars.

Biden led the negotiations on the timing to resolve the state funding.  photo by AFP

Biden led the negotiations on the timing to resolve the state funding. photo by AFP

To fix this colossal distortion, Obama accelerated the decrease in social spending in favor of prioritizing the bailout of banks and corporations sailing the Reds. The government even nationalized Citicorp’s shares to avoid a fall after the sudden collapse of the junk mortgage business.

Companies like General Motors have come to offer amazing 2 for 1 feat: For the purchase of a van, another was delivered free of charge in the absence of customers.

So while the government has worked hard to avoid a severe collapse of the system, left individual tsunami victims who lost savings, homes and government assistance. Here lies one of the roots among many to explain the emergence of Trump and his populist reason as a vehicle of social fury.

Now the tycoon, whose chances of returning to the White House they should not be disdainedaggravates such behavior and called on his party to stop negotiations and derail the country to bring down the democratic government despite the cataclysm that would shake the country and the world.

There are objective reasons behind the resilience populism exhibits in North America. Although Biden has cut the deficit, he has managed to reduce inflation and virtually wipe out unemployment, according to a Federal Reserve poll this week. He showed the frustrations that the country carries.

He argues that “the price increase has adversely affected most North American households and the general financial well-being decreased compared to the previous year despite the fact that the labor market has remained solid”. Looking into the details, the research finds that nearly a quarter of respondents acknowledged that their spending increased in 2022, but their income did not.

no medical assistance

“Around two-thirds said they had stopped using a product or used it less because of higher prices, while 51% indicated that they have reduced their savings. And about 28% reported being without any form of health care in the past year. because they couldn’t afford it,” he says.

This displeasure is expressed in political terms and, as happens in other frontiers, it is expressed in nationalisms erode the democratic game. Many laws have been passed in North America to guarantee a qualified vote by limiting the right of minorities to choose.

The main opposition negotiator, the head of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, a Trump ally, is a agonal exponent of those contradictions. He reached that position after the midterm elections in which Republicans narrowly gained control of the lower house.

Kevin McCarthy, legislator close to Trump, in charge of negotiating with the Executive.  AP Photo

Kevin McCarthy, legislator close to Trump, in charge of negotiating with the Executive. AP Photo

But the legislator had to overcome the 15 votes of his colleagues before being nominated, questioned by the same fanatical minority of the tea party That wrested from him all sorts of concessions, in particular the possibility of being removed with a single vote questioning him. So the greater tenacity he shows in negotiations is directly proportional to his political survival.

Republicans today, as before with Obama, are looking for Biden to cave in on social and environmental issues that will wear him down ahead of next year’s election. They are calling for stricter requirements for beneficiaries of unemployment aid and a transformation of the energy law, in its green chapter.

The White House proposal was fit balance with tax hikes on higher-income sectors, an option ruled out by Republicans who abolished those taxes during the Trump administration. The setting should be turned down.

Biden, who incurs extraordinary military spending to support Ukraine in the war against Russia, ended up conceding a reduction of trillions of dollars (millions of millions) in social spending which will be reflected in austerity measures. The move raised hopes of a deal. But it is not clear whether it has arrived.

The figure is similar to the record of one trillion dollars of the military budget with no extras approved for the current year, which includes more than $110 billion already committed to the European war conflict.

Final data. As proof that archives are worth less and less in politics, the debt ceiling was raised three times during the Trump administration. Eight trillion dollars of today’s reds, more than 16 times Argentina’s GDP, were generated during that chaotic administration. Stainless.
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