Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope for the weekend of May 26 to 28: predictions for each sign

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Mhoni Vidente offers us the best predictions for each Zodiac sign because of this last weekend of May.

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As always, from her YouTube channel (Official Channel Mhoni Vidente), the famous Cuban-Mexican astrologer tells us what the Astros have in store for us these days.

Seer Mhoni leaves us a prediction for each sign of the zodiac.  Photo: @mhonividente

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Seer Mhoni leaves us a prediction for each sign of the zodiac. Photo: @mhonividente

Mhoni Vidente: the horoscope for the weekend from 26 to 28 May

ARIES.This weekend they will be happy and calm. It’s time to get rid of those people who weren’t compatible with you. When faced with difficult situations in study or work, adapt and trust yourself and determine what you want and where you are going. It’s time to grow financially; they will meet someone important who will help them with work matters. Lots of sensual energy and new loves from Pisces, Taurus or Capricorn.

BULL. This weekend they bring good luck. Stop thinking about so many things at the same time, stop worrying about what didn’t happen or what you hope will happen: relax. Parties and get-togethers with people they haven’t seen for a long time. Lovers from other places who want to live together are looking for you: let yourself be loved and love yourself more. Passion and new loves. Success at work, time to grow financially and two strokes of luck in gambling. Remember who is gone but don’t be sad.

TWINS. Celebrate, have fun, buy something you like, fill yourself with the love of those who love you. In terms of work there will be a readaptation or reorganization of personnel. Pay your debts and heal your economy. Transformation towards the positive – new people appear, try again to study, read, find good friends. Finish pending issues between Thursday and Friday. Short trip. Success in exams. Go out to see the world. Protect yourself from negative energies.

CANCER. Have a nice and pleasant weekend. They bring luck. Days to rebuild ties that didn’t go well with friends or with a former partner: they’ll make a good impression. Weekends for meetings and arrangements at home. Update and put all your documents to move forward. New and compatible loves, don’t suffer so much, don’t wear yourself out. Be strong: I am the pillar of support in the family. Forgive me, even if it’s hard for you. Ask the Angels to clear your mind of negative situations; negative thoughts, such as anger or jealousy, generate negative actions. Short trip.

LEO. Good luck in gambling, abundance, charisma. They attract people a lot, they conquer. New emotions and forbidden love this weekend. Revelation, a mystery is revealed that brings growth and economic improvement. Heal your complexes and addictions; time to excel in all ways. Prosperous business, but know how to invest what you earn. Parties and good vibes.

VIRGIN. Weekend of a lot of work, study, work review or closing of the month. Concentrate a lot these days not to get angry or have mental problems, headaches, migraines or excessive stress. Exercise, decorate the house, beautify your home. Pay attention to gossips or negative people around you; get rid of negative things and vices; of the things that prevent them from being better. Reincarnate in positive things. They have the power of proof – ask for what you need to be better. Beware of treacherous loves. They get a loan to buy something big, like a house or a car.

Sign after sign, Mhoni Vidente tells us which day, which color and which numbers will bring us luck.  Photo: Shutterstock

Sign after sign, Mhoni Vidente tells us which day, which color and which numbers will bring us luck. Photo: Shutterstock

POUND. They bring luck and good vibes. This weekend you have things to work and study pending, try to solve it and don’t give too much importance to what they say about you. Be more creative and daring, concentrate when undertaking a task, be it work or study. If you have a difficult situation, try connecting with cosmic energy to relax. They have to visualize themselves in success and then they will get what they want. If the couple doesn’t go, don’t insist. Resolve familiar situations.

SCORPIO. Improvements in health problems and thinking problems. It will be a weekend of celebration or spending time with family. Change your look, leave your vices, change the decor of the house to recharge your energy. Free yourself from negative energies that are not making you grow. Invest, the money will come to you but try to invest it well. Pay your debts. Detachment. Let go to receive. Free yourself from guilt and resentments. Avoid gossip. Have more strength and power to move forward. Someone important is looking for them to offer them work.

SAGITTARIUS. Whoever is angry loses. Lately they are angry, sensitive, defensive and it is due to situations that they cannot resolve in the partner or in the family. When something cannot be fixed, it is because it is not up to us to fix it and we have to let it go: we cannot control others. spiritual help. Try a job or business that recognizes you and gives you money. Free yourself from the fear that won’t keep you going. New and compatible loves. Important things are coming that will make them grow.

CAPRICORN. Fortune. Things line up this weekend. situations they face. If they don’t make the decisions, they can’t grow, but things get aligned to be better. They have been desperate because things didn’t go their way because they are controllers and sometimes things don’t go their way. Total economic growth. Extra energy. Focus. Don’t spend too much and save. Analyze well who you relate to, do not maintain polluting relationships. Go on, don’t stop. Cut the ties of the past that are not good for you. Protect yourself from negative energies. Radical but positive changes. Important love is removed from their lives.

ACQUARIUM. Life doesn’t stop, value yourself. Weekend of a lot of work, of sales, of being happier. Everything seems to straighten out. Past lovers will seek them out, but there are negative situations that sometimes trap them. Try to be smarter – look for friends or a partner who appreciates you. Economic growth these days. Change behavior systems, improve habits, leave vices. They attract the good and the positive. Marriage proposal or stable relationship. Act, don’t ask for permission. Follow your intuition.

FISH. They have a lot of work. They need to reinvent themselves, change negative habits. They tend to be the mainstay for many people, they are the key to feeling better in every way and starting to grow financially. Stay away from problems that are not yours, let everyone help themselves. Don’t carry negative situations. Don’t kid yourself, miracles don’t happen. Pleasant surprise in economic or work matters. They are looking for someone from Gemini, Libra or Scorpio to get back or to be in a serious relationship.

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