Guatemala’s Supreme Court excludes a businessman who was leading the polls from the elections

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The Constitutional Court of Guatemala, the highest court in the Central American country, rejected an appeal by the businessman on Friday Charles Pineda participate in the presidential elections on 25 June.

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The court’s decision was announced this Friday by the institution and with it Pineda, leader of the presidential polls, is out of the picture, since there are no more possible legal assets to deposit.

The highest Guatemalan court has indicated in its opinion that the appeal is “without place” and therefore eliminates the candidacy of the Prosperidad Ciudadana party.

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The legal appeal had been requested personally by Pineda before the Constitutional Court, the highest court in Guatemala, on May 20, accompanied by more than 2,000 followers in front of the entity’s facilities, in the center of the capital of the Central American country. .

Pineda was suspended from participating in the elections in a decision announced May 19 by the Sixth Section of the Guatemalan Administrative Court of the Judiciary.

The decision of the Chamber, of a provisional nature, was due to the fact that the party that accepted Pineda, Citizen Prosperityallegedly incurred various irregularities when he held the assembly where all the candidates of the said organization were proclaimed.

The complaint against Pineda’s party to the judiciary was filed by former presidential candidate Manuel Baldizón, convicted in the United States of money laundering and that he lived in Guatemala for a couple of years after being deported.

On May 2, a poll conducted by the ProDatos company and published by the local newspaper Prensa Libre placed Pineda at the head of the electoral contest with 23.1% of voting intentions.

General elections will be held in Guatemala on June 25 to define its new president, vice president, 160 deputies in Congress, 20 in the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) and 340 municipal mayors for the period 2024-2028.

“Corruption has won,” Pineda said

Carlos Pineda in a protest against his possible ban in the June 25 Guatemalan presidential election.  Ultimately, that country's court barred him from the race.  EFE extension.

Carlos Pineda in a protest against his possible ban in the June 25 Guatemalan presidential election. Ultimately, that country’s court barred him from the race. EFE extension.

Carlos Pineda’s response after the Constitutional Court ruling was categorical. “CC backs #ElectoralFraud and Guatemala loses and we are left without democracy!!” she wrote on his Twitter account. “Corruption won, Guatemala lost!” he added.

Then he called to cancel the vote in the elections by promoting the hashtag #VotoNulo.

In addition, he responded to a message against the Guatemalan court for accepting the appeal of a person convicted of corruption. “@CC_Guatemala you stole democracy from Guatemala by endorsing a failed amparo filed by a convict, extradited to the US and then returned to Guatemala to face the law. But what law, right?”

Source: EFE.

Source: Clarin

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