Russian Ambassador to North Korea “Expects the first exchange with North Korea at the end of this year”

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Russian Ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora (right) gives a commemorative speech at a banquet held on March 17 to mark the 74th anniversary of the signing of the North Korea-Russia Economic and Cultural Cooperation Agreement. (Screen capture from the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in North Korea)

The Russian Embassy in North Korea, Alexandro Matsegora, said on the 28th that the first exchange between North Korea and Russia, which had been blocked since the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), was “expected to take place by the end of this year.”

According to the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in North Korea, Ambassador Matzegora recently conducted an interview with Russia’s state-run Ryanovosti News Agency, saying, “(North Korea and Russia) reunions at various levels are planned, including heads of state legislative and judicial departments, awards and prizes, It also includes high-level meetings with regional heads, regional heads, federal and regional legislative council members,” he said.

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Ambassador Michegora remained in North Korea even when North Korea closed its borders due to Corona 19 and embassy staff from other countries withdrew.

“North Korea has not stopped external contacts, but diplomatic contacts have been conducted only through North Korean embassies abroad and diplomatic missions to North Korea for the fourth year,” he said. He also said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, he had met with Foreign Minister Choi Sun-hee, Vice Foreign Minister, and Director-General, and held retrospective talks and correspondence exchanges.

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Regarding the current Corona 19 situation in North Korea, “Lectures have resumed at schools and universities, popular culture and sports activities are being held, and parks, museums, and libraries have started operating,” but “disinfection in all public places, temperature checks, and masks The wearing measures are still being maintained.”

Regarding the rail freight exchange between North Korea and Russia, he said, “(Last November), it did not resume once, but is proceeding normally.” Vegetable oils, sugars, and crude oil products are being delivered,” he explained.

He also said, “Construction materials are being imported from China through direct transportation.

Regarding the resumption of air operations between North Korea and Russia, he said, “There is an agreement on passenger air transportation.

Regarding the possibility of North Korea providing weapons to a country that is at war with Ukraine, Ambassador Matsegora said, “It is complicated and the equipment accumulated on the eve of the war can be used right in this country (North Korea),” adding, “Russia is fortunately its own We have enough weapons of the .”

Then, he said, “We are very grateful” for North Korea’s support of Russia’s position in relation to the war in Ukraine, and said that North Korea’s launch and test launch of new ballistic missiles were “a direct result of the US’ hostile policy toward North Korea.” defended the position.

He also said, “(In North Korea) various types of ballistic and cruise missiles have been manufactured and test-launched more than 10 times, and none of them have posed any danger to our Far East region. We have no reason not to trust the North. There is no,” he emphasized.

Regarding the possibility of unofficial contact between the two Koreas, he said, “I don’t know,” but asked back, “Can contact be possible now when North Korea is outraged as a result of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s state visit to the United States?”

Regarding President Yoon’s visit to the United States, he said, “North Korea regards it as an agreement on an attack plan against North Korea, including the use of nuclear weapons.” I hope that all current issues between them will be resolved on the principle of “.

Source: Donga

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