Twitter withdraws from EU ‘Treatment Against the Spread of Disinformation’… Musk doing ‘My Way’

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Controversy is brewing again as Twitter, which was acquired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, withdrew from the European Union’s Agreement to Prevent the Spread of Disinformation. While interpretations are that the measure reflects Musk’s philosophy of putting more emphasis on freedom of expression than regulation, some analyze that it is due to Twitter’s lack of manpower.

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Markets, announced on the 26th (local time) that Twitter, along with other major social media outlets, has declared its withdrawal from the EU’s “Cule on Disinformation”. The code of conduct on disinformation is an enforcement code signed in June of last year by major online platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp operator Meta, Google, and TikTok. It contains contents such as preventing profit from fake news and ensuring transparency in political advertisements.

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“You can run away, but you can’t hide,” Breton said on Twitter. Emphasized. DSA is a law to prevent the dissemination of content related to race, gender, or specific religion, or content related to terrorism or child sexual abuse. Violations of this law result in fines of up to 6% of annual sales.

Twitter’s withdrawal from the Disinformation Code seems to be part of a reorganization that Musk has been continuing since he acquired Twitter in October of last year. Musk has always expressed his position that freedom of expression should be guaranteed rather than regulation due to concerns about the spread of false information. Musk also said that it was to guarantee freedom of expression regarding the background of the Twitter acquisition.

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However, some point out that the lack of manpower due to the large-scale layoffs that Musk carried out after the acquisition of Twitter is the cause. Until recently, Twitter has fired many of its employees for monitoring false information and hate speech. In addition, the Brussels office in Belgium, which was established to comply with the agreement signed with the EU, was also closed on the 11th with mass layoffs.

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