The reason for the crime of Japan’s ‘don’t ask 4 murderers’… “It seemed to underestimate me.”

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zoom inOn the 25th, in Nakano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, police officers control the area around the building where the shooting suspect was hiding. Police said two officers who were dispatched after receiving a report that a man had stabbed a woman with a weapon were shot by the man and taken to the hospital with the woman, but all died. 2023.05.26. AP/Newsis

A man in his 30s who killed four people, including a woman and a police officer, with a weapon and a hunting rifle in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, said to his father, chairman of the Nakano City Council, “I killed women because I thought they looked down on me for being alone,” the Asahi Shimbun reported. reported on the 28th. Police believe the man carried out his crimes with a grudge because of his one-sided thoughts.

Suspect Masanori Aoki (31), who was caught by the police, stabbed and killed a 66-year-old woman and a 70-year-old woman who were taking a walk near their home. She then returned to the house about 100 meters away, grabbed a hunting gun, and shot and killed two police officers who were called to the scene. Aoki had a total of four tablets with police permission. He is said to have stated in a police investigation, “I thought I was going to be shot by the police officer who was dispatched, so I shot first.”

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After killing four people, Aoki took a gun and hid in his house. The police asked him to surrender outside the house considering the possibility of suicide, but he continued to hold out, and after 12 hours of persuasion from his parents, he came out of the house and was arrested at around 4:30 am on the 26th. Aoki told his father, who inquired about his crime, “I’ve always been lonely. I always thought I was being teased by people around me because I was alone,” he said. He continued, “While I was thinking about that, a woman seemed to be looking down on me, so she stabbed me.”

It is known that the two murdered women often took a walk around Aoki’s house. According to neighbors, they have been laughing, talking and enjoying walks together since about a year and a half ago. Police are investigating the relationship between the suspect and the two women, but are unable to find any clues.

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After dropping out of college, Aoki lived by helping his parents farm. Although the four of them lived with his parents and aunt, he became a ‘reclusive loner’ and seldom came out of the house. His parents said of Aoki, “I was bullied in college and had difficulties with interpersonal relationships. He thought that farming was something he did not have to associate with people, so he let him do the farming work.”

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