US elections: when are they and who can vote?

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After the 2020 election where the presidency was achieved by Joe Biden, With the presidential elections in the United States, a new era of electoral campaigns full of surprises, controversies and many novelties is being prepared.

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First candidates for the presidency of the United States

This new application it will be led again by Joe Biden and its predecessor Donald Trump running for the Republican Party. Likewise, the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis Search for the application.

Once again Biden and Trump are running for president of the United States.  EFE/Jim Lo Scalzo/Chris Kleponis ARCHIVE

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Once again Biden and Trump are running for president of the United States. EFE/Jim Lo Scalzo/Chris Kleponis ARCHIVE

Both politicians like it trump and De Santis must face inside republican party to see who will be the representative who would go to the vote for the White House against Biden.

Next year’s elections aren’t just about the presidency and the vice presidency. Others will also be chosen positions of the political systemas members of Congress and local elections such as: governors, state legislators, and mayors.

How are candidates determined?

THE primary elections they have a great level of importance for the candidates as well as for the private assemblies of each political party. They are previous stages that serve for the population to be able to participate in the selection of the candidates and to be able to determine the politicians actually in the running.

Electoral College

Presidential and vice-presidential elections are not determined entirely by the popular votein this situation The Electoral College intervenes. As the “voting” members of the same are involved, defining the winner.

Who can vote?

Who can vote in the US.  EFE/ Tannen Maury

Who can vote in the US. EFE/ Tannen Maury

THE the people who can cast their vote are US citizens which are older than 18 years and be part of it voter registration. There are also differences by state, as each has its own rules and time for voter registration.

To see all this information and more, the official US page determines all the points that must be taken into account before running the vote. Where you will also be able to see the results on election day.

THE presidential candidates they must also meet certain conditions in order to apply. Three requirements must be metHave be at least 35 years old, a citizen by birth, and have lived at least 14 years in the United States.

They also have to be registered with the Federal Election Commission and be able to authorize a committee to make expenditures or raise funds on your behalf. The winner of the election He will take office on January 20, 2025.billed as “Presidential Inauguration Day”

Source: Clarin

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