The hidden side of Aaron Piper, the actor who shines in Netflix’s “Silence”: “My future was to go to jail”

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Aaron Piper At 26 he is experiencing the best moment of his career. You star in El silencio, the Spanish miniseries that causes a sensation on Netflix, and you have just had a public success called Elite. Not to mention the future projects, which are many and overlap each other.

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In The Silence, Piper plays Sergio Ciscar, a young man who killed his parents as a child, was locked up and six years later released to be studied by a group of professionals. The striking thing about the character – in addition to the crime he is accused of – is that during the time spent in prison he never said a word.

The six-episode mini-series all the rage in the red “N” was conceived by Aitor Gabilondoresponsible for other successes, such as Homeland AND entrevias.

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In "The Silence", Piper plays Sergio Ciscar.

In “The Silence”, Piper plays Sergio Ciscar.

The Spanish actor of the moment

Piper’s 2023 is in full swing.

He premiered El silencio, but also movies sayen (a Chilean film in which he stars) e Fate (a Spanish in which it is secondary).

Undoubtedly, his best known role is that of Andershis character Elite. This student of Las Encinas (he is the son of the director) is the love ring of Omar (Omar Ayuso) and one of the few who retraces the plot from season 1 to season 4.

As the actor becomes known, little by little more and more surprising data from his past come to light. And here we are for this.

a difficult adolescence

Ander, his character in "Elite".

Ander, his character in “Elite”.

In a recent interview with El País, the German-Spanish artist (he was born in Germany and moved to Barcelona with his family at the age of five) revealed little-known details of his complicated adolescence.

After having a “happy” childhood, when she was 13, her family moved from “Alta Cataluña” to Avilés and Piper underwent a lifestyle change that “moved” her.

From there he developed two different personalities. Sure: he always knew he would be an actor. Since I was a child.

I lived two lives, was on joints and other drugs. I realize now that I didn’t have much fun leaving Catalonia. Because I didn’t internalize it,” says Aaron in the interview. “Any change at that age is bullshit, but from the countryside to an industrial city like Avilés, to the worst institution in Avilés…”.

At the time, the actor was venturing into the world of short film acting and landing his first roles in feature films. His first leading role – the one that landed him at the Goya Awards – was when he was fifteen in the film 15 years and one day.

Piper in her first lead role,

Piper in her first lead role, ’15 Years and One Day’.

“Making the movie was shit, but then everything else… Boo! And I decided to stop. At around 17, I gave up drugs, left the bad life and came to Madrid to pursue a dream. Before I had no future, I had nothing. My future was to go to prison“, he claims.

What he did in his adolescence was a way of rebelling, but everything changed on his way to the adult world. “At 17 I had a catharsis and I decided to change. I said, “Look, I’m not good enough to be bad, nor to lead a bad life.”

Already older and with several jobs under his belt, even before Elite exploded, the actor knew the other side of the acting world: massive and sudden fame.

“When you leave everything, reality catches up with you and you get anxieties. I had a period before Elite, here in Madrid, when I couldn’t take the subway. I suddenly had severe panic attacks.. A few wells remain today. But I’m fine, ”she concludes.

Source: Clarin

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