“Black” elections in Spain for Podemos, the friendly party of Kirchnerism and the Argentine government

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On Sunday’s election night, when the recount of votes to elect mayors and regional presidents was already “cooked” and the left was losing, it was speculated that the first move by the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, it could be redesigning your toilet and perhaps look for replacements for some of his ministers.

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It was also thought so before the painful electoral result of Podemos, a minority partner in the coalition that Sánchez has presided over since January 2020, the possible candidates to greet the Council of Ministers could be among the cabinet members active or holding positions in the party founded by Pablo Iglesias in 2014.

But Pedro Sánchez surprised with a “I want it worth 4” and announced early elections for July 23, a decision that he caught Podemos putting the pieces together which he broke into on Sunday 28 May, after the outbreak that turned his back on the polls.

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In Madrid, the territory where the Puerta del Sol was born and overflowed with 300,000 fans during the 2015 demonstrations, this Sunday the candidates of Podemos They didn’t even get 5 percent of the vote., the minimum to occupy a seat in the Regional Parliament of the Community of Madrid, where they had ten seats. Nor did they get representation on the capital’s council.

In 2016, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias in Madrid.  AP Photo

In 2016, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias in Madrid. AP Photo

None of the better known faces of the party appeared to weigh the results on election night.

“We went out for the best result in the second half of the game,” said Ione Belarra, minister of social rights and Agenda 2030 and secretary general of Podemos recently.

we can lose weight

Municipal and regional elections on Sunday radically change the political framework of the forces and the weight of Podemos, who ruled in coalition in the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Aragon, La Rioja and Navarre.

lost almost everything. It ran in coalition with the United Left – except in Aragon and Asturias – and, according to 28M’s findings, the puzzle of government formulas could allow it to keep Navarre.

There may also be some hope in Asturias, but we will have to wait for the possibilities to settle down and the pact hysterics begin.

“The right and the far right have even more power today. We put all our enthusiasm and courage into it our results are bad Belarra recognized. Now is the time to get to work because even if sometimes we go backwards, this political force will always be at the service of the people”. Podemos did not get representation in five of the 12 autonomous communities that voted on Sunday.

He had 47 deputies in those territories and lost 33.

Podemos Secretary General and Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra.  Photo EFE

Podemos Secretary General and Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra. Photo EFE

His failed intention was to increase territorial power in order to broaden the backs of the party and negotiate the alliance he is unable to forge with Sumar, the new political force of the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, who is summoning and stuffing the parties to left of the PSOE for the next general election.

Díaz, who is also the second vice president of the Spanish government, invited Podemos to join the formation, but the party calls for open primariesa condition that Yolanda Díaz does not accept.

take up the challenge

“The message was clear: you have to do things differently. Without distractions, Díaz said as Sánchez announced the advance of the general election. From now on we are working to win July 23rd. I take up the challenge.”

And this Tuesday he registered the “Sumar Movement” with the Interior Ministry, a way to facilitate possible agreements with Podemos and other parties to present themselves in a coalition.

Like a child born younger brother, We can “believe” Sumar in his ties to Latin America, a continent that Pablo Iglesias traveled a lot, especially while he was at the head of Podemos. He left office, and political life, in 2021, when he ran for the presidency of the Community of Madrid and the current president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of the PP, handed him the rag.

Podemos is in tune with La Cámporawho at the III World Forum on Human Rights held in Buenos Aires in March this year gave the speaker’s microphone to several Podemos leaders who attended the meeting.

In November last year, the minister for equality, Irene Montero, was at the Casa Rosada with President Alberto Fernández.

“During the meeting, the two governments have made progress in the collaboration to promote the rights of women and the LGTBI community,” Moncloa said.

It was on that same trip that Argentina’s presidential spokesman, Gabriel Cerruti, made the unfortunate comment to Montero about the stones commemorating loved ones who died of Covid during the pandemic in the Plaza de Mayo.

“There, after the Covid, the right has placed its stones remembering the dead of Covid”Cerruti told Montero during the tour of the Casa Rosa that he took with the minister, just as Virgil guided Dante in the Divine Comedy.

In August the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had received Pablo Iglesias in Buenos Aires. And when in December the vice president received a sentence for the Autostrada trial, the Podemos management supported her on social media.

“Scoundrel judges who fine-tune the Argentine just what the polls didn’t give him. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is convicted by corrupt judges, with relatives working for Macri, without evidence. A ‘soft’ hit. Lawfare that should put them in jail,” said Juan Carlos Monedero, one of the founders of Podemos.

“Judicial and media warfare is the tool of the powerful to stop the democratic advance. They try to discipline millions by destroying one. It won’t work for them, we are more. Vice-President, dear Cristina, everyone with you”were the words of Irene Montero.

“If there is no Podemos, the changes will not come,” said the secretary general of Podemos during the electoral campaign for the municipal and regional elections on May 28. A formula that didn’t work for him: Podemos will not be in the territories where it had taken hold. And the change has come. Abruptly, Pedro Sánchez imposed it with the announcement of early elections, a commotion that has not yet stopped.

Source: Clarin

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