Weak and brittle nails? these are the vitamins that help according to dermatologists

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The texture, color, shape and appearance of the nails can be indications of some disease or alteration in the body. These changes can be indicators of local or general diseaseskidney, lung or infections.

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How do I know if my nails are healthy?

Nail healthy nails must have a homogeneous color or be pink, they must not be weak, I wait uniforms AND grow about an inch a month. According to a Mayo Clinic report, these are the clues you need to know if your nails are healthy.

Diseases that can have our nails

In turn, nails can not only demonstrate general diseases, but also exist nail diseasessays the doctor. These alterations can be onychoschisis, onychomycosis or fungi and paronychia.

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Fungus or foot disease

Fungus or foot disease

THE cleft nail refers to brittle nails caused by dehydration of the same, suffered mainly by women. THE onychomycosis or fungi is characterized by a discoloration of the nail to a green or yellow hue and the deconstruction of the complete nail or part of it.

Finally the paronychia and the inflammation of the tissue in and around the nail which is caused by some fungus, dermatitis or irritation due to the use of chemicals, such as nail polish remover, detergent or chemicals used for hand cosmetics.

How to prevent nail disease

TO avoid these diseases there are sure vitamins which can help strengthen, if it is weak or brittle nails. Biotin it is vitamin B7 found in foods such as eggs, dairy products or bananas. On the other is the Zinc and the vitamins A and C.

Supplements and vitamins for nails

Supplements and vitamins for nails

To take care of the health of our nails it is not only necessary to consume vitamins, but it also goes hand in hand with maintaining healthy habits for our body. A good food helps to strengthenbut it is also recommended do not abuse the aesthetics of the nails as exposure to chemicals or excessive manicuring can lead to some types of infections.

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