The Argentine in the US showed what a dollar can buy in Miami

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In United States of America There are many shops that sell low-cost products which, in addition to being very useful, are accessible to everyone.

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One of them is dollar tree, an American chain that sell items for $1 or less. It is very popular due to its distribution in different states of the country and its incredibly cheap products. Its headquarters are in Chesapeake, Virginia; and operates more than 15,115 stores in the contiguous 48 states of United States and Canada.

Dollar stores in the US go viral

A young Argentinian, who lives in Miami, uploaded a video to the platform tick tock showing the products that are there, next to the things that have been bought. From kitchen utensils, including frozen meals and bazaar items.

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A multitude of these things you can find in a dollar as he shared Francis Rosellaand add: “Inflation has come to the United Statesand the products are now $1.25.

From your account, @franquitorosella, showed that as soon as you enter the shop, you meet kitchen utensils, aluminum foil, butter or foil, tea towels, among others. they also sell bleach, fabric softeners and floor cleaning products.

Within what are frozen products, you can find pizza, burritos, tacos and even Mac And Cheese“, he counted as he brought all of the focus into focus Precooked foods located in the refrigerator. There is also a huge variety of different ice creams drinks, energizers and sweets.

They also have their own section of hardware products and car care products for US$1.25.

The video ends with a sarcastic comment about one of the purchased sodas. according to him, of dubious brand: “I brought my own version of “Manaus” from the US. I will make another video soon. If I never uploaded it, it’s because I died“.

So far, the video has 7,339 views, 309 likes, 7 comments, 14 saves and 21 shares. in your account tick tock, ‘Franky’ He has 97.5 thousand followers. Upload a lot of content about his travels and the discoveries he is making in his residence USES.

Source: Clarin

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