Lula Talks with the Pope on the Phone “Thanks for Mediating Efforts for Peace in Ukraine”

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Invite the Pope to visit Brazil… to meet at the Vatican in June-July

Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula Dasouva spoke on the phone with Pope Francis on the 31st (local time) and discussed the war in Ukraine and environmental protection.

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According to the AFP news agency, the Brazilian government said in a statement that President Lula expressed his gratitude to the Pope for peacefully mediating the war in Ukraine in a phone call with the Pope this morning.

President Lula also lamented the escalation of tensions between Ukraine and Russia and paid tribute to the pope’s support for poverty and measures to protect the Amazon rainforest. He went on to consult with Pope Francis on how to end poverty and hunger in Brazil.

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In addition, President Lula invited the Pope to Brazil, and Pope Francis is known to have replied that he would consider it. The two are scheduled to meet in person at the Vatican in June-July.

Earlier on the 20th, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni announced that Pope Francis had entrusted Italian Cardinal Matteo Jupi with the task of easing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

In particular, Pope Francis said that he hopes that through Cardinal Jupi, he can pave the way for peace that can never be given up, and that “the timing and method of the mission are currently being reviewed.”

Cardinal Jupiter, Archbishop of Bologna in Italy and president of the Italian bishops’ conference, is close to Pope Francis and is being discussed as the next pope according to the WSJ.

A Vatican diplomatic source said Cardinal Jupi plans to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin separately.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 26th that it “acknowledges the Vatican’s sincere desire to promote a peace process,” but that “the Vatican has not yet taken any practical steps for the visit to Moscow.”

Source: Donga

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