Gold bars and wads of cash at the home of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman

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Manhattan prosecutor indicts on charges including bribery
Rep. Menendez: “Conspiracy to oust Latinos”
Andy Kim “I will run for the district next year”

Cuban Senator Bob Menendez (69, New Jersey) and his wife, a member of the ruling Democratic Party who are representative of the ‘Korean faction’ in the U.S. and have exercised significant influence on U.S. foreign policy as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, were indicted by federal prosecutors on charges of bribery and other charges. . This is the first indictment of a sitting member of Congress in over 30 years, and the repercussions are significant as it is an allegation that a leading member of the U.S. Congress acted on behalf of a foreign government and received cash and gold bars.

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The Manhattan Federal District Prosecutors’ Office in New York announced on the 22nd (local time) that Rep. Menendez passed information on U.S. military sales of weapons to Egypt to the Egyptian government at the request of Wael Hana, an Egyptian businessman who was introduced to him by his wife, Nadine, who remarried in 2020. Prosecutors seized gold bars worth $100,000 (approximately 130 million won) and $550,000 (approximately 730 million won) in cash from Rep. Menendez’s home as evidence. Nadine also received money from one company.

The prosecution also disclosed that Rep. Menendez not only tried to influence the investigation into New Jersey businessmen who were his sponsors, but also received Mercedes-Benz cars and other vehicles from these businessmen in return for silencing the investigation.

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Representative Menendez, who has been serving in the Senate since 2006, has exerted influence on the foreign policy of the Joe Biden administration.

Rep. Menendez stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but rejected calls to resign from his position, raising a conspiracy theory that it was an “attempt to push out Latinos.” Representative Andy Kim (41), a Korean-American member of the Democratic Party whose constituency is also in New Jersey, called for his immediate resignation. He also said, “I will run for senatorial election (in the relevant district) in November next year.” If Rep. Kim is elected, he will become the first Korean-American senator.

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Source: Donga

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