The secret to a 100-year-old grandmother’s longevity… “Work until you’re 99”

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CNBC introduces the secret to longevity of a 99-year-old retired centenarian
“Positive interpersonal relationships help you live a happy and long life.”

“I enjoyed being busy and working. “I didn’t really want to retire.”

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According to CNBC on the 29th (local time), Madeline Pardo, who retired at the age of 100 this year, worked for over 80 years from the age of 18 to 99.

The family ran a sign business producing electrical signs in Chicago, USA, and Paldo was in charge of office work. Thanks to this, he had many opportunities to communicate with customers, and Paldo enjoyed this work. He also said it was his favorite thing he’d done in 80 years.

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“I liked being around the public,” Faldo told CNBC. “I liked working with people,” he said. “I enjoyed it more because I was in charge of office work alone in the office. “I loved going to work.”

According to a study conducted by Harvard over 80 years starting in 1938 with 724 participants from around the world, positive interpersonal relationships help people live happier and longer lives.

“Many centenarians say relationships, family, community and friends are important to them,” said Dr. Sophia Millman, director of human longevity research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Institute on Aging.

Even at the age of 100, Paldo maintains a socially healthy life by having dinner with his children and participating in family events. She also attended a wedding early last month.

Faldo said he likes to go to Dunkin Donuts with his son every Sunday to meet friends, adding, “I look forward to every Sunday.”

He also said, “I have friends who come for lunch at 12 o’clock on Wednesdays,” and “What fun would there be if I didn’t have friends?”

Genetic factors may also contribute to longevity. Dr. Millman explained, “In general, the average lifespan of women is longer than that of men,” and “genetics also has a lot to do with longevity.”

In fact, Paldo’s older sister lived to be 103 years old. However, Paldo said, “My parents died at the age of 84, and his other sisters did not live that long. “Her sister and I are the only people who have lived over 100 years old.”

Healthy eating habits and exercise also seem to have a positive effect on longevity. Paldo has maintained a plant-based diet his entire life and leads an active lifestyle. I can still go up and down stairs.

Paldo said, “When I was young, there were seven people in my family, and we mainly lived off the vegetables that my father harvested from his garden. “He couldn’t afford to buy meat,” he said. “I’m still a kind of ‘health junkie’ who doesn’t eat junk food.”

Dr. Millman explained that centenarians are generally more optimistic, and Paldo is an example of that. Dr. Millman added that it is unclear whether centenarians are inherently positive or whether they have developed a positive outlook as they age.

Paldo said, “Thanks to the belief that there is nothing that cannot be solved, I do not get stressed,” and added, “I am very lucky to live this healthy life at the age of 100. “There is nothing to complain about,” he said.

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