“My video created by AI is going around”… Tom Hanks’ Warning

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Warning of fake AI video posted by American actor Tom Hanks on his Instagram account. Tom Hanks Instagram Capture

“Be careful. “There’s an advertising video going around featuring an artificial intelligence (AI) version of me.”

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Tom Hanks, a famous American movie star, posted on his Instagram account on the 1st (local time), “The ‘me’ in the dental insurance advertisement video floating around (online) has nothing to do with me,” and the person in the video is a fake created by AI. He warned. Hanks, 67 years old, also posted a photo of himself in his younger days, which is believed to be the advertising image in question, along with a warning about a false video created by AI.

Hanks, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie ‘Forrest Gump,’ warned about AI false advertising amid the growing controversy over AI’s deepfake. Deepfake is a technology that synthesizes photos and videos to manipulate a person’s statements or actions.

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‘Virtual actors’, which reproduce an actor’s image and voice using AI and make them appear in actual videos, are also a key issue in the Hollywood actor strike. By using AI virtual actors, you can create acting more easily and at a lower cost than using real actors. The American Actors and Broadcasters Union (SAG-AFTRA) is on strike, claiming, “Movie production companies are trying to eliminate acting jobs by replacing roles with ‘virtual actors’ without fair compensation using AI.” The writers’ strike, which started first, reached an agreement on wages and collective bargaining terms with the production company after 148 days, but the actors’ strike continues.

Even just before the actor’s strike in July of this year, Hanks said, “Now anyone can recreate themselves regardless of their age with AI and deepfake technology.” He added, “You can make a movie featuring ’32-year-old me’ and even if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I can do it.” “My acting can continue,” he said.

The problem of AI manipulating celebrities is spreading. Gayle King, a CBS broadcast anchor, posted a comparison between the original video and the manipulated video on her Instagram account on the 2nd, saying, “Someone manipulated my video and turned it into a weight loss promotional video.”

In the manipulated video, King uses a realistic voice to guide people to the purchase site by saying, “If you want to know my (diet) secret, check the link.” He said he became aware of the existence of the manipulated video due to a flood of inquiries about diet products from people around him. “I have never heard of or used this product. “Please do not be fooled by this AI video.”

U.S. regulators and the tech industry have just begun to establish regulations against the spread of false information or manipulated videos originating from AI, but it appears that it will take some time. The New York Times commented that regulatory discussions are at a nascent level, saying, “Currently, there are more ‘questions’ than ‘answers’ to AI issues.”

New York =

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