US imposes additional restrictions on exports to China, including AI chips… “Notice of implementation as early as this month”

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Broadly updated regulations on semiconductor equipment, etc.
There is also a prediction that ‘Xi Jinping’s visit to the US next month will have a negative impact’
EU also considers export controls on core technologies
West tightens semiconductor control network

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The United States is expected to soon announce additional regulatory measures on semiconductor equipment and semiconductor chips for artificial intelligence (AI) that can be exported to China. The West is further tightening the semiconductor control network against China, with the European Union (EU) also considering measures to regulate the export of key technologies targeting China.

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Citing a U.S. official, Reuters reported on the 2nd (local time) that “the Joe Biden administration notified China that it may renew measures to suppress exports of semiconductor equipment and AI chips to China as early as this month.” did. On October 7 last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce introduced measures to restrict the import of cutting-edge semiconductor equipment into China and restrict the export of AI chips, and this is being updated. It is interpreted that China’s Huawei is trying to strengthen checks as it recently made moves to break through U.S. export regulations and release smartphones equipped with cutting-edge semiconductors.

Additional regulatory measures will focus on broader restrictions on exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and closing loopholes in exports of chips for AI. NVIDIA has been making and selling GPU ‘A800’ for export to China with poor performance after the US Department of Commerce banned the export of cutting-edge AI semiconductors to China last year. However, it is expected that the A800 will also be subject to an export ban once the new measures are implemented. It is reported that this renewal plan will also reflect the individual export control regulations of the Netherlands and Japan, which joined the US-led China regulations.

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There is also speculation that this measure could have a negative impact on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plan to visit the United States to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to be held in San Francisco next month and the U.S.-China summit.

In response, the United States appears to be strengthening export controls while continuing high-level communication with China. Reuters explained that the United States notified China in advance of its renewal plan in order to stabilize the relationship between the two countries. Bloomberg News reported on the 2nd that the U.S. Senate floor delegation from the ruling and opposition parties, who will visit China next week, is seeking a meeting with President Xi.

In addition, Reuters reported on this day that the European Commission plans to assess the risk of the four major technologies – semiconductors, AI, quantum technology, and biotechnology – being weaponized by ‘countries whose values ​​are different from those of the EU’ by the end of the year and take action next year. It was said. ‘A country that pursues different values’ refers to an authoritarian country that is far from Western values ​​such as human rights, rule of law, and democracy, and in fact appears to be targeting China. The measures are likely to include export restrictions on key technologies or cooperation with allies.

US-China conflict

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