Altman will not return as CEO, Open AI management dispute becomes more complicated

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Reuters reported on the 19th (local time) that Sam Altman, former CEO of Open AI, who was dismissed on the 17th, is not expected to return as CEO.

Citing the IT media outlet ‘The Information’, Reuters reported that former CEO Altman is not expected to return as CEO as Minute Share has decided to take on the role of interim CEO.

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Previously, on the 17th, Open AI’s board of directors announced that it was “lacking leadership” and that it was “firing CEO Altman and appointing Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mira Murati as the successor.”

However, when it became known that Murati, who was appointed as the successor CEO, also wanted Altman to return, the board of directors reportedly hired Minute Shea, who founded the video streaming company ‘Twitch’, as interim CEO.

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The Information reported this, citing top scientist Ilya Sutskever, who caused the incident.

Sützkever frequently clashed with Altman over Open AI’s path and recruiting investors, and was the person who staged a coup that moved the board of directors to fire Altman.

It is reported that Altman came to work at the company on the 19th and is negotiating the terms of his return with existing management.

In this situation, The Information reported that Altman would not return as CEO. He is known to be more interested in starting new AI ventures.

Accordingly, the management dispute over Open AI is expected to become more complicated.

Meanwhile, because Open AI is still a non-profit public interest corporation, the exact status of shareholders is not disclosed. It is only known that Microsoft (MS) owns 49% of the shares and is the largest shareholder.

Previously, former CEO Altman was suddenly dismissed as CEO after pushing for the sale of a total of $86 billion (approximately 111 trillion won) of treasury stock in order to transform the public interest corporation into a general company.

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