Argen Millais elected… Trump and Bolsonaro: Hope Shines Again

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Small government – supports arms ownership
Use of SNS – commonalities such as anti-establishment politics
Presidential election victory – two people aiming to return to politics
Hope expressed in the spread of far-right fever

“Hope shines again in South America. “I hope this good wind will blow to the United States and Brazil as well.”

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This is the reaction given by former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, ‘Brazil’s Trump’, immediately after the victory of Argentine President-elect Javier Millais, known as ‘Argentina’s Trump’, was confirmed. His tone is similar to that of the chairman of Millay’s presidential campaign. Former President Bolsonaro, who has been eagerly seeking a return to politics despite his defeat in the November 2022 presidential election, has expressed his blatant hopes for the spread of Argentina’s far-right craze.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, who is attempting to regain power in the presidential election next November, also welcomed the victory of President-elect Millay, who had praised him several times. Former President Trump said on his social media site ‘Truth Social’, “I’m proud of you (President-elect Millay).” In the past, President-elect Millay praised former President Trump, saying, “I respect him because he is one of the few wise men who fights against socialists.”

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Three North American and Latin American politicians who call themselves ‘outsiders’ stimulate anti-establishment politics and anti-elite sentiment through active use of social media. In addition, BBC Brazil analyzed that there is a commonality in preaching the messianic discourse that one is the savior. They are also similar in that they support small government, possession of weapons, etc. and have both enthusiastic supporters and opponents.

● Outsider → Go straight to the highest authority

All three became the most powerful in a short period of time while keeping a thorough distance from the established political circles. Former President Trump, a businessman, had no experience in Congress or public office before becoming president. When he announced his intention to run for the US Republican presidential nomination in 2015, most people predicted a ‘typhoon in a teacup’, but he became a presidential candidate. He also won the presidential election in November 2016.

President-elect Millay also became the most powerful person in 2021, two years after becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Former President Bolsonaro entered politics in 1988, but lived as an outsider, changing party affiliation eight times over 30 years. During the October 2018 presidential election, he joined his Social Liberal Party nine months before the presidential election.

It is also important to note that they are at odds with the mainstream media and communicate directly with voters through social media. Throughout the election period, President-elect Millay preached his pledge to cut taxes through social media popular with young people, such as TikTok and Instagram, saying, “We must receive the money that the government forcibly took.”

Throughout his administration, former President Trump immediately disclosed major policies on When he was suspended by Former President Bolsonaro also actively uses Twitter and Facebook. When he was attacked by a gunman just before the 2018 presidential election, he rallied his support base by broadcasting his treatment in real time at the hospital.

● Enjoy election fraud… “Democracy at stake”

The three people enjoy raising claims of election fraud and are also criticized for endangering democracy. Former President Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. He makes the case that in order to correct this injustice, he must return to power.

Former President Bolsonaro also does not acknowledge his defeat in the presidential election. When Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s inauguration ceremony was held in January last year, he stayed in the United States and raised claims of election fraud. This broke the practice of a former president attending the inauguration ceremony of his successor.

President-elect Millay claimed that some candidates had stolen his ballot since the August primary election, in which he placed first. He made a similar claim during the first round of the October presidential election, where he was pushed to second place.

There are also differences. Former Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro oppose same-sex marriage and abortion and are gaining support from evangelical Christians. However, as a liberal, President-elect Millay expressed that he does not oppose same-sex marriage. In a past interview, he said, “If a person wants to be with an elephant (instead of a human) and the elephant agrees, that is a problem between the person and the elephant.”

Source: Donga

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