The ‘Noise Lady’ hated by everyone, her tragic story revealed

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YouTube channel Inhyeopso introduces the story of Miyoko, the ‘noise villain’
Because of conflict with neighbors… The other side’s scheme makes them ‘disliked by the people’
My husband and three children are terminally ill… Lost two daughters and was sent to prison

The sad story of a woman who was hated by everyone in Japan was introduced.

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On the 23rd, YouTuber Kim Doo-chan uploaded a video titled ‘The most hated woman in Japan’ through the channel ‘Ahnhyeopso’.

The video shows a Japanese woman, Miyoko Kawahara, harassing her neighbors with noise from 2002 to 2005 by playing CD players, shaking off blankets, and honking car horns. In the video, Miyoko looks like a ‘villain’ without fail.

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The nuisance behavior captured on CCTV installed across from his house was reported throughout Japan by the media. She is also called the ‘noise lady’ and she became such a hot topic that she ranked first in the number of views and Internet search keywords on (Asahi Shimbun’s Internet newspaper) at the time. She has even been used as a subject for jokes in memes, entertainment shows, and animations.

It has become a routine in this neighborhood for Miyoko to play loud music and for residents to report it and the police to be dispatched. Miyoko paid alimony in a civil lawsuit from a resident, and she was also fined and served a year in prison for damaging property.

However, there was a reason why Miyoko became a ‘villain’. It was because of conflict with neighbors. The Yamamotos, who moved in across the street from Miyoko’s house, often complained about noises that caused Miyoko’s children to have fits. When the noise didn’t get better, the couple bought bright lights and pointed them at Miyoko’s house to annoy her. He also spread strange rumors about his daughter. Accordingly, Miyoko and Amamoto couples were often caught on CCTV fighting on the side of the road.

According to a report in Japanese magazine Weekly Shinzo, the Yamamoto couple started the fight first, and Miyoko responded by calling the couple and then not saying anything. Even after that, the fight did not stop, and Miyoko’s counterattacks continued, including shaking off the blanket and shouting, turning on the CD player, and blaring a clamshell.

The Yamamoto couple filmed this and reported it to the media, causing a stir nationwide. The Japanese media did not cover the incident with the couple and Miyoko at the same time, but only highlighted the scene where Miyoko made the noise. In this way, Miyoko found herself in a situation where all her people pointed the finger at her.

Miyoko was born in Toyama Prefecture, Japan in 1947 and moved to Osaka when she was 21. There she had an arranged marriage and she gave birth to two daughters and a son. She said one day her teenage eldest daughter had a seizure and was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration at her hospital. The disease gradually reduces her muscle strength, making it difficult for her to walk, and distorts her speech, making it difficult for her to speak her language. She ends up not even being able to breathe properly.

Starting with Miyoko’s husband, who was unaware of his illness when they got married, the incurable disease was passed down to all three children. At one point, she had to take care of her four family members, excluding herself, Miyoko said. Eventually, her eldest daughter died at the age of 32, and her second daughter also died two years later at the same age. After losing her two daughters and her husband being hospitalized, Miyoko suffered mental distress. From then on, she started yelling at the Yamamotos.

After continuing to cause noise between December 2002 and April 2005, Miyoko was arrested again. In fact, the noise recorded at 5 a.m. about 1 meter away from the window of her house was about 79 db (decibel). Miyoko, who has been brought to justice several times, has been living in that house since her release from prison, which expired in July 2007. She says she has been living in that house ever since.

In Japan, the movie ‘Mrs. Noisy’ was produced based on him in 2020.

Ahnhyeopso is a channel with 360,000 subscribers. Initially, I posted content about Japanese culture and architecture, but now I am introducing Japanese society and culture in general. The video has now been viewed over 360,000 times.

Source: Donga

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