Ukrainian intelligence chief’s wife poisoned by heavy metals… “Possibility of poisoning”

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Kirillo Budanov (Lieutenant General), Director of the General Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Chiu = AP/Newsis

Several foreign media outlets, including the BBC and CNN, reported on the 28th (local time) that the wife of the head of Ukraine’s intelligence agency was receiving treatment for symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

According to reports, Marianna Budanova, the wife of Lieutenant General Kirillo Budanov, head of the High Intelligence Directorate (HUR) under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, was recently diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning and was hospitalized. Heavy metal poisoning shows symptoms such as anemia, neuropathy, skin disease, respiratory disease, liver damage, and digestive problems.

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This news was first reported through Babel, a Ukrainian online media outlet. Medical staff found large amounts of heavy metals from Budanova that had no use in daily life or military purposes, Babel said.

Budanova’s health is said to have deteriorated over a long period of time following the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is not yet clear how she became poisoned with heavy metals, but local media outlet Ukrainian Ska Pravda cited sources as saying that Budanova may have eaten poisoned food.

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HUR spokesman Andriy Chernyak said the investigation into Budanova’s heavy metal poisoning was ongoing, but did not disclose the type of heavy metal.

A military official pointed out, “It could be an intentional attempt to poison a specific person.” Military officials and the West believe that Russian secret agents may have bribed intelligence officials to influence Budanova’s symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.

Budanova’s husband, Director Budanov, is a person who has played a key role in the Ukrainian military’s major military operation plans. Director Budanov has stated that since the outbreak of war, there have been several attempts to assassinate him.

According to HUR spokesman Andriy Yusov, not only Budanova but also some employees of other institutions showed symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, leading authorities to investigate the situation.

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