Open AI, CEO Altman officially returns… MS only observes the board of directors

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MS participates in the board of directors as an observer without voting rights
Altman says he has “no ill will” towards Sutzkever, who participated in the firing.

Sam Altman, who was ousted from OpenAI, officially returned as CEO. Microsoft (MS), the largest investor in Open AI, participates in the board of directors as an observer without voting rights.

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According to The Verge, an American IT media outlet, on the 29th (local time), Altman, who returned as CEO of OpenAI, said in a memo to employees, “Expectations for the future are greater than ever.”

“I am grateful to all of our employees for their hard work under unclear and unprecedented circumstances, and I believe our resilience and spirit have set us apart in the industry,” Altman said. “We feel very good about our chances of success in achieving our mission.”

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Former Salesforce CEO Brett Taylor and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers have joined OpenAI’s new board of directors. Of the four board members who voted to fire Altman, only Adam DeAngelo remained.

Microsoft decided to participate in the Open AI board of directors as an observer, but did not disclose who would fill the position. Microsoft holds a 49% stake in the for-profit corporation, which is controlled by a non-profit board of directors.

Meanwhile, Altman said he had “no ill will at all” toward chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, a co-founder and former board member who was involved in firing him but then changed his stance.

“Although Ilya no longer serves on our board of directors, we hope to continue our working relationship and are discussing ways in which he can continue to serve the company,” Altman added.

“I absolutely love the company and have given it my all full-time for the past four and a half years,” Altman told The Verge. “This is where I spend most of my time,” he said. “We are making great progress on a mission that is very important to me: safe and beneficial AGI (artificial general intelligence).”

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