10,000 mourners gather at funeral of female college student murdered by ex-boyfriend

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Victim’s father “I hope this will be a turning point in ending abuse and murder of women”
Julia Cechetin murdered before graduation… More than 20 stab wounds found
An official from the Rome Prosecutor’s Office said, “Incidences of violence against women occur approximately 10 times a day.”

The funeral of Giulia Cechetin (22), an Italian female college student who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend just days before graduation last month, was held at the Basilica of Santa Giustina in Padua, Veneto.

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According to the Italian ANSA news agency and the British BBC on the 5th (local time), approximately 10,000 mourners from all over the country gathered at the Basilica of Santa Giustina in Padua this morning for the funeral of Julia Cechetin, who majored in biotechnology at the University of Padua. .

Checetin was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Filippo Turetta (21), on the 11th of last month, five days before graduation. On Tsetsetin’s body, more than 20 deep stab wounds were found on her head and neck.

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After killing Cecetin, Filippo Turetta fled by car through northern Italy and Austria to Germany. He was later arrested and extradited to Italy near Leipzig, Germany, when a driver spotted a car parked on the highway with its lights off and called the police. He confessed to the murder during the investigation.

The cathedral where Tzechetin’s funeral was held could only accommodate 1,200 people, so the remaining mourners watched Tzechetin’s final moments through a large outdoor screen and live TV broadcast.

“I hope my daughter’s death will be a turning point in ending the abuse and murder of women,” Tzechetin’s father said at the funeral. As Tzechetin’s coffin left the cathedral, mourners waved keys to show that they would not tolerate violence in silence.

In the Veneto region, this day was declared a day of mourning, and flags were flown at half-mast on public buildings to express condolences.

Veneto Governor Luca Zaia said on social media on the 5th, “Today, the day of Julia Cechetin’s funeral, I hope that the entire Veneto region sends a loud and clear signal that it is against gender violence.” He added, “This should be an unforgettable day where we take one step further to prevent something like this from happening again.”

The incident has attracted media attention, with large-scale protests taking place across Italy in recent weeks.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first female prime minister, has pledged to strengthen protections for women. He promised to introduce a new education campaign in schools to tackle the still widespread culture of violence against women.

At a press conference on the 5th, Rome Prosecutor General Francesco Rovoy said, “Over the past year, 3,392 cases of ‘Code Red’, an emergency intervention measure against violence against women, have been activated in Rome, which means that 10 cases of violence against women occur per day. “He said.

He said at a press conference on this day, “8,433 new lawsuits were initiated this year, and the prosecution proposed about 700 preventive measures for suspects, such as wearing electronic devices to control access and detention, and the court accepted them in almost all lawsuits.” He added.

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