Half-naked Hamas fighter surrenders in northern Gaza… “Dissatisfaction with the leadership is growing”

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Video of alleged surrender of Hamas member distributed on social media
IDF “Difficult situation for members… Complaining to leadership”

As Israel focuses its attacks on the southern part of the Gaza Strip following the northern part, it has been reported that the number of cases of unarmed Hamas members surrendering in northern Gaza is increasing.

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According to the Times of Israel (TOI) on the 10th (local time), a video leaked from northern Gaza the previous morning showed a man believed to be a Hamas agent surrendering.

The man walked out slowly, wearing underwear, with his hands raised, and walked in front of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he put down his assault rifle. Dozens of half-naked Palestinian men were standing around.

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Previously, a photo was recently circulated on social media showing dozens of men detained by the IDF kneeling. The IDF later said it was questioning everyone in the area who surrendered after the war.

Regarding the leaked video, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed, “The terrorists who surrendered in Shehaiya and Jabalia handed over weapons and equipment.”

After interrogating them, they said that the situation for the fighters on the ground was difficult and that the leadership led by Hamas’ top leader Yahya Sinwar continued to deny the reality.

Spokesperson Hagari also reported that they complained that Hamas leadership was not properly understanding the difficult situation on the ground.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Sinwar escaped from northern Gaza by hiding in a humanitarian convoy early in the war and is currently hiding in Khan Yunis in the south.

Citing an Israeli official familiar with the matter, Israel’s public broadcaster reported that Sinwar headed toward Khan Yunis in a car receiving humanitarian protection.

He did not disclose details such as which vehicle was used, but added that Israel assesses that Sinwar is still in Khan Yunis or in one of the tunnels leading underneath it.

While the IDF is conducting an all-out offensive in southern Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden that the operation in Khan Yunis would last three to four weeks, Israel’s Channel 13 reported.

According to reports, the Biden administration expects that the future fighting in the Gaza Strip will unfold in a less intense manner as a local war.

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