Trump pledges to cancel AI executive order… “I will destroy it on my first day in office.”

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump announced his intention to abolish the Joe Biden administration’s artificial intelligence (AI)-related executive orders on his first day in office if he wins the presidential election next November. He predicted ‘ABB (Anything But Biden)’, which virtually cancels all policies created by President Biden, including eco-friendly policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as well as AI regulations. It is also in conflict with the move by the G7 and other major countries to strengthen AI-related regulations due to concerns about the spread of false information.

Former President Trump said on the 9th (local time), “This presidential election is a ‘crusade’ to save America from the corrupt political class,” and claimed, “I will destroy the Biden administration’s illegal censorship system on the first day of my inauguration.” The illegal censorship system he mentioned can be interpreted as an AI executive order that mandates watermarking of deepfake content and safety testing during AI development. The Republican Party is opposing this executive order, saying it infringes on the ‘freedom of expression’ guaranteed by the Constitution.

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Previously, former President Trump caused controversy by sharing several fake photos of himself created with AI, including a photo of him kneeling on one knee and praying, on his social media platform Truth Social. He used manipulated photos to emphasize his innocence or rally support despite various suspicions.

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Former President Trump sparked controversy over political retaliation by claiming in a recent interview, ‘If I come back to power, I will be a dictator on my first day in office.’ Significant changes are expected in the Biden administration’s foreign policy, including support for Ukraine when Trump returns to power. Senator JD Vance, who is also mentioned as a possible vice-presidential candidate for former President Trump, made it clear on the 10th that he opposed additional support for Ukraine, saying, “Ukraine must accept that it will have to cede its territory to Russia.”

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