Throw away your rifle and surrender… “The beginning of the end for Hamas”

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Netanyahu: “Dozens of people surrendered over the next few days… The end of Hamas”
Israeli military: Hamas member criticizes leadership for ‘not knowing the field’
Hamas leader Sinwar suspected of hiding in Khan Younis tunnel
‘Palestine Square’ with the flag hoisted was also revealed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the recent surrender of Hamas members was the beginning of the end for Hamas.

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According to foreign media such as the Israeli daily Times of Israel (TOI) on the 10th (local time), Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a video message that day, “Over the past few days, dozens of Hamas terrorists have laid down their weapons and surrendered to our brave fighters.” “It will take longer and the war is still in full swing, but this is the beginning of the end for Hamas.”

A video leaked from the northern Gaza Strip the previous morning showed a man who appears to be a Hamas member surrendering.

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In a video shared on social media, dozens of Palestinian men wearing only underwear were lined up in front of an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tank. As Israeli soldiers gave instructions through loudspeakers, a man slowly walked out holding one of his rifles and a magazine above his head. The video ends with the man putting his weapon down next to his rifle, which is already on the floor, and walking away with his hands up.

Regarding this video, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed, “The terrorists who surrendered in Shezaiya and Jabaliya handed over weapons and equipment.” At the same time, after interrogating them, it was reported that “Hamas members complained that the leadership was not properly understanding the difficult situation on the ground.”

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzy Halevi also said, “We are seeing more and more terrorists surrendering,” adding, “This is a sign that the (Hamas) system is collapsing.”

Prior to this, photos and videos of dozens of men in underwear being detained by the Israeli military were distributed on social media. As the human rights controversy arose, the Israeli military refuted that these people were Hamas militants, not ordinary Palestinian citizens.

Meanwhile, local media reported that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar escaped from northern Gaza by hiding in a humanitarian convoy early in the war and is currently in Khan Younis in the south. The Israeli military believes that Sinwar is hiding in one of the underground tunnels of Khan Younis.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military released an image of the Israeli flag being hoisted at ‘Palestine Square’ in the occupied Gaza Strip. In addition, a sniper rifle and ammunition were found inside a large teddy bear found in a classroom, and a related video was also released, saying that Hamas was robbing civilians of relief supplies delivered by international organizations.

Israel-Palestine War

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