When to go to the psychoanalyst according to the experts

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Unlike what usually happens with a psychoanalytic consultancyOne way or another, most people know when to seek medical attention if the ailment they suffer from is purely physical.

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Sometimes it has to do with a slight bodily discomfort or with a slight indisposition. It can also occur due to mild pain that lasts several days or, for example, the sudden appearance of a rash or blemishes on the skin.

And this doubt commonly arises because there is no clear rule that indicates when is the right time to consult a doctor. psychoanalystsince the same problem can affect different individuals in very different ways, so it is something purely personal.

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There is no set time that indicates when it is time to go to therapy.  Photo illustration: Shutterstock.There is no set time that indicates when it is time to go to therapy. Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

In general terms, it could be said that someone, if considering it, should seek psychoanalytic consultation one or more problems are hindering your lifethat is, they generate impediments and unpleasant sensations or pose difficulties in enhancing the positive and pleasant aspects.

From a slightly more rigorous methodological point of view, this could arise from the fact that something generates that person’s you have to ask yourself a question that questions you from a particular place.

This questioning is what will give rise to the patient’s discursive path and will be what will guide the analysis in the first instance.

Once this step has been taken, on the other side there will be the analyst, someone who will be able to listen and, at the same time, offer the patient the opportunity to listen to himself.

The reason for the therapy

A therapy aims to try to make space for that pain so that the psychoanalyzed person can express that discomfort through words and, in this way, be able to dismantle the condition which keeps him subject to that point of suffering.

There is a concept, very widespread these days, which indicates this with some prejudice Any mental alteration is of the order of madness or extreme situations beyond the control of the individual who suffers from it.

With this as a basis, only in extreme circumstances would anyone find themselves need to go to a psychologist or psychoanalyst. In other situations, again with that idea as a guide, the individual in question can do it on his own.

You don't have to go into extreme circumstances to take the first step.  Photo illustration: Shutterstock.You don’t have to go into extreme circumstances to take the first step. Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

It’s also common confuse moodssuch as apathy, sadness or boredom, for example, with psychological conditions; which is equivalent to confusing the symptoms with the disease or, more clearly, the appearance with reality.

In mental illnesses or conditions, not all symptoms correspond directly and obviously to theirs pathological cause. First of all, to contact a psychoanalyst it is not necessary to be ill or mentally incapable.

In short, according to what was published by the Spanish psychoanalyst Ruy Henríquez Garrido, it is not necessary to wait until you have a specific pathology to go to the doctor. psychoanalyst.

The “power” of analysis

Analysis offers a listening space, a place to give the person the word. go to the consultation and give real importance to what you have to say.

It also involves encountering something that may present itself as incomprehensible or distressing and then being able to put it into words. Contrary to what what is usually thoughtthe professional is not the one who knows what to talk about nor is he aware of a hidden truth.

The psychoanalyst brings another type of wisdom to our common work: knowing how to listen. From listening you can work on the truth of the subject, about what he can say about what ails him, pointing out some issues that were beyond the patient’s understanding.

Source: Clarin

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