How to restore the color of sunburned skin

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Although it has become fashionable in recent times skin care like the others face and body care, the radiant tan culture is something that is still active. However, it is common not to get a perfectly even tan and, as a result, the skin color remains uneven. Therefore, it is important Learn some tricks to restore the color of sunburned skin.

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The color of the skin after spending several hours exposed to the sun can quickly become reddish, and then change to a darker color.

Both to maintain the same color throughout the body and to avoid possible complications due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, it is important keep your skin well hydrated to relieve redness and, in more serious cases, pain.

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Not only is it important to maintain good external hydration, but staying hydrated with water and consuming some fruits rich in water and nutrients is equally essential. However, There are also some home methods to restore the color of sunburned skin.

How to recover sunburnt skin How to recover sunburnt skin

For example, Aloe vera is an option more than recommended by specialists. Among its main benefits, it causes a sensation of relief if placed on sun-damaged areas thanks to the important hydration it provides to the body. The best way to use it is to open the leaves in half, then extract the pulp and apply its gel to the affected area.

Another popular home method for restoring the color of sunburned skin is lemon juice. You will simply have to do it squeeze one or two lemons, and dilute it in a glass with about 200 cc of cold water. Next, you need to wet a cotton ball or some similar object, and finally pass it gently over the affected area.

In turn, the Chamomile is also ideal for these cases thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The best way to apply it is to make an infusion with chamomile, then let it cool and apply gently with a cotton ball on the burned parts of the body.

Tips for taking care of your skin from sunburnTips for taking care of your skin from sunburn

Meanwhile, an unusual but extremely effective alternative is ground oats. As strange as this method may seem, the reality is that oats It has excellent exfoliating properties and softeners ideal for sunburned skin. To apply it you must first grind it with a blender until it reaches a paste consistency, and finally mix it with lemon juice and use it as a mask.

Tips for taking care of your skin from sunburn

In this sense, the site specializing in physical and psychological well-being “Better with Health” has published a series of tips for taking care of your skin from sunburn:

  • Avoid excesses: Whether we go to the seaside or are in the countryside, even walking in the city, we must pay attention to excessive sun exposure.
  • Using sunscreen: By applying sunscreen daily and touching it up when necessary, we can largely prevent sunburn and also avoid having an uneven skin tone.
  • Hydration inside and out: In addition to applying a sufficient amount of sunscreen, we must maintain good hydration. This means that we must be careful to apply a good after-sun and moisturizer. Not only when we feel more burning, but on a daily basis.

Source: Clarin

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