What is the best breakfast to strengthen the brain

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Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day because it is necessary to have the energy that work activities require and because it activates the metabolism, helping to have a healthier weight. But breakfast also activates the brain. What is the best breakfast for good brain health.

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The keys to a healthy breakfast are proteins, vitamins and whole grains. To incorporate all these nutrients you can plan some menus. Nutritionists advise not to repeat the same thing every day, but rather to vary it breakfast and therefore enjoy it more.

Five good breakfasts for brain health

Add the oats. THE wholemeal oatmealas well as all whole grains, it is slowly absorbed into the body and provides quantity sugar that the brain gradually needs at this time of day.

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According to nutritionists, eggs are a great option. That’s it very rich in proteins and generate satiety for longer.

Although yolks are no longer demonized, egg whites contain the most pure proteins. Furthermore, this food is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Five good breakfasts for brain healthFive good breakfasts for brain health

Wholemeal toast with peanut butter. It’s a good option to add to a brew like coffee or milk tea.. Peanut butter contains protein suitable for those who follow a vegan diet and wholemeal flours are much better than refined ones.

You can add a serving of fruit like bananas to these toasts and add vitamins and potassium or a handful of red fruits or a citrus fruit such as a sliced ​​orange.

Yogurt with fruit. It’s nothing new to eat it for breakfast but it’s delicious. Yogurts can be skimmed cow or vegetable, although this reduces the amount of calcium incorporated into the body.

In addition to eating it with fresh fruit, you can add a sugar-free granola or some dried fruit like about six almonds or walnuts. This will make it a ideal breakfast for the organism.

What you shouldn’t eat to have a healthy brain

Just as you think about what foods or what type of breakfast you can have to be healthy, you also need to think about which ones are harmful.

Not just the whole body, when analyzing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, but also in the effects that a poor diet has on brain health.

What you shouldn't eat to have a healthy brainWhat you shouldn’t eat to have a healthy brain

Without a doubt, some of the many things we eat every day are not only harmful, but do not even provide the nutrients the brain needs to concentrate, work and have a good memory.

Ultra-processed foods – which are usually supermarket confections, such as sweet biscuits, industrial bread, soda –, trans fats, fast food, excess caffeine and alcohol, consuming a lot of salt or consuming a lot of sugar or sweeteners. All these are harmful variables for the brain and its functioning.

Because not only do they not nourish him, but they also increase the risk of suffering from cerebrovascular diseases, accelerate cognitive deterioration and Memory loss.

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