Mhoni Vidente: what will be the luckiest signs in the year of the Wooden Dragon

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Mhoni Vidente, the famous astrologer and tarot reader who lives in Mexico and who causes a stir with her uncensored predictions and horoscopes, leaves a complete prediction about the year of the Wooden Dragon that has just begun.

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The fortune teller, one of the most consulted and followed in Latin America and the United States, reveals what will happen in this period marked by Chinese astrology for signals, for some countries in the world and what changes are coming.

With his great talent, Mhoni Vidente permanently captures the attention of millions of people with his visions of the future and about what we destiny holds.

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So let’s see what you imagine for this year of the Wooden Dragon which will extend from February 10, 2024 to January 29, 2025 and what signs it will be the best lucky ones.

Mhoni Vidente: what will happen in the year of the Wooden Dragon

THE Star and the Ace of Pentacles These are the cards that will prevail in this period, he highlights.

This will make, in her opinion, this a year of abundancegold, money, business, work, grow financially, take risks, have new things and start progressing.

Mhoni Vidente anticipates that the year of the Wood Dragon will be a year of abundance.  Photo: ShutterstockMhoni Vidente anticipates that the year of the Wood Dragon will be a year of abundance. Photo: Shutterstock

He Ace of Pentacles It predicts that the Wood Dragon will make business, commerce, adventures and plans flow. It may be time to have more than one job or your own business. It will also be the time to pay off debts, restore the economy and grow economically in all forms.

For his part, the Star says that as people we can start doing this splendor more than before, find a better job, go back to school, reinvent ourselves and see ourselves better.

For Mhoni Vidente, the Wooden dragon It is symbolic because it guarantees abundance and stability, but also anger. For this reason the fortune teller imagines that this year there will be wars, fights and violence.

Also, he predicts, many, many countries will fight for it new territories and new divisions.

Even the fortune teller attacksproblems with planes and crashes of drones or missiles.

Also, he predicts, there will be major attacks during the Olympic Games from Paris, France, so the countries and participants going will need to be very careful.

They will therefore be times of war, of anger, of ego greed, of being more than others and of power.

What will be the luckiest signs in the year of the Wooden Dragon?

ARIES. The Wooden Dragon helps them to have money, to reinvent themselves, to control their temper and to alleviate health problems. It will be a year of searching for a new home and adventures in love relationships.

VIRGIN. They will have enthusiasm to be someone in life and grow financially. It’s time to start your own business and convince those around you that you are a leader, especially in sales.

CAPRICORN. Double chance of quick luck. It’s time to have more abundance and start knowing what to spend and what not to spend. It will take a year to get rid of the toxic people around you and have the power in your hands.

TWINS. They will experience the adventure of growing up. They will be unique in everything they do. Fashion and style will dominate. They will have the opportunity to travel and excel in public relations and politics.

LEO. Sir, they completely reinvent themselves; They achieve power, strength and determination to be someone in life. They will have unlimited abundance, wealth, stability and growth.

Mhoni Vidente has revealed what the luckiest signs will be in the year of the Wooden Dragon.Mhoni Vidente has revealed what the luckiest signs will be in the year of the Wooden Dragon.

Year of the Wood Dragon: Solar storms

The letter from Worldaccording to Mhoni Vidente, he announces that he will be there solar storms like never before and which will destroy satellites, social networks and communications around the world.

They will be what they will be called “three days of darkness”therefore the astrologer recommends getting the necessary things such as water, food or faith at home to move forward.

The Wooden Dragon is the prelude to the apocalypseannounces Mhoni Vidente who, at the same time, imagines strong things, such as that China will be divided in half by a catastrophic earthquake just as the Middle East will be divided by unscrupulous wars that only seek to satisfy the ego.

Source: Clarin

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