The 6 best short poems by Julio Cortázar to dedicate or send via WhatsApp

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Today marks 40 years since the death of Giulio Cortazarone of the most recognized authors of his time, master of short stories and poems.

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His lyrics transcend time and, given their length, are ideal for posting on social networks or sending via WhatsApp. Here, a selection of his best poems.

The best short poems by Julio Cortázar


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In the tobacco, in the coffee, in the wine, / on the edge of the night they rise / like those voices that sing far away / without knowing what, along the road.

Light brothers of destiny, / dioscuros, pale shadows, they scare me / the flies of habits, they keep me / to stay afloat amidst so much vortex.

The dead speak more but in the ear,/and the living are a warm hand and a roof,/sum of what is gained and what is lost.

Poems by Cortázar to send via WhatsApp.  Short and beautiful.  Photo: Sutterstock.Poems by Cortázar to send via WhatsApp. Short and beautiful. Photo: Sutterstock.

So one day in the boat of the shadow, / from so much absence my chest will repair / this ancient tenderness that names them.


The one who leaves his country because he is afraid,/he doesn’t know what,/afraid of the cheese with the mouse,/of the rope among madmen,/of the foam in the soup.

Then he wants to change like a figurine,/the hair that was previously tied/with gel and mirror, he loosens it,/he opens his shirt, changing his costumes,/his wine, his language.

Unfortunately, he notices that he is shooting better, and is sleeping soundly.

He even changes his style, / and has friends who don’t know his provincial history, / ridiculous and homely…


Through sleepy paths and deaf rooms/your exhausted summers speed me up with their songs/A watchful and furtive figure/goes through the suburbs calling me and calling me/but what’s missing, tell me, on the tiny card/where your name, your road and your insomnia/if the figure mixes with the letters of the dream,/if you are alone where I no longer look for you.


All I want from you/is so little in the end/because in the end it’s everything

Poems by Cortázar to send via WhatsApp.  Of love, of friendship.  Photo: Shutterstock.Poems by Cortázar to send via WhatsApp. Of love, of friendship. Photo: Shutterstock.

like a passing dog, a hill,/those nothings, everyday things,/ear of corn and hair and two clods,/the smell of your body,/what you say about anything,/with me or against me,

All this is so little/I want it from you because I love you.

That you look beyond me, / that you love me with violent contempt / of tomorrow, that the cry / of your dedication breaks / in the face of an office manager,

and that the pleasure we invent together is another sign of freedom.


This tenderness and these free hands, / to whom should you give them under the wind? Lots of laughter/for the fox, and in the middle the reminder/anxiety of that door open to no one.

We made bread so white/for already dead mouths that accepted/only a fang of the moon, iced tea from the candle at dawn.

We play instruments for blind rage/for shadows and forgotten hats. We remained

of shadows and forgotten hats. We were left with the presents laid out on a useless table, / and it was necessary to drink hot cider / in the shame of midnight.

Poems by Cortazar.  To be dedicated and sent via WhatsApp.  Photo: Clarin.Poems by Cortazar. To be dedicated and sent via WhatsApp. Photo: Clarin.

So no one wants it, no one?


Tonight my hands are black, my heart is sweaty/like after fighting smoke centipedes to oblivion.

Everything remained there, the bottles, the boat, / I don’t know if they loved me and if they expected to see me.

In the diary lying on the bed we read diplomatic meetings, / an exploratory bloodletting happily beat him in four sets.

A mighty forest surrounds this house in the center of town, / I know, I hear a blind man is dying nearby.

My wife goes up and down a small staircase / like a ship captain who distrusts the stars…

Source: Clarin

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