“Biden is an old man with a bad memory,” US special counsel report makes waves

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Non-prosecution of confidential information leak, sparking controversy over old age
Ms. Jill steps in to cover “political personal attacks”


The fallout from the special prosecutor’s report calling 81-year-old US President Joe Biden an “elderly man with a poor memory” is growing rapidly. This is because it has driven a wedge into the controversy over President Biden’s old age.

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In a report released on the 8th (local time), Special Prosecutor Robert Huh, who has been investigating the alleged leak of classified documents related to national security during President Biden’s vice presidency, cited the President’s memory as the main reason, saying he would not indict him criminally. Even if President Biden is indicted, there is a high possibility that the jury at trial will judge him as a “well-meaning, sympathetic old man but with a bad memory” and that he accidentally leaked the document. The report even included information that President Biden could not remember when his eldest son, Beau, whom he particularly cherished, died.

President Biden reacted angrily at a press conference, saying, “How dare you say something like that?” But even here, he made the mistake of misrepresenting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi as Mexican President. In a survey conducted by ABC and public opinion polling company Ipsos on the 9th and 10th, immediately after the special prosecutor’s announcement, nearly 86% of respondents said that President Biden was too old to be re-elected.

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The White House and the Democratic Party launched an onslaught, suspicious of the special prosecutor’s ‘political motivation’. In particular, his wife, Jill Biden, took active cover. In an email sent to supporters on the 10th, he criticized the special counsel’s report, saying it contained “inaccuracies and political personal attacks,” and added, “I can’t even imagine someone trying to use my son’s death to gain political advantage.” . “President Biden is an 81-year-old who does more in an hour than most people do in a day,” she continued, defending.

The Biden era in the US

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